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Extrapolation: Romanian Social Democrats win elections | Free press

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban’s bourgeois party has apparently lost the parliamentary elections in Romania. The opposition Social Democrats see forecasts just ahead, analysts say the gap is clear. Ultra-nationalists also come to parliament.

Bucharest (dpa) – In Romania’s parliamentary elections, the opposition social democrats (PSD) in the House of Representatives are clearly in the lead with 29.39 percent, followed by the bourgeois ruling party PNL with 24.24 percent.

The central polling station in Bucharest announced this on Monday after the votes had been counted in 62.54 percent of the polling stations. In third place came the eco-liberal party alliance USR-Plus with 15.4 percent. PNL and USR are considering a coalition government. Surprisingly, the ultra-nationalist, anti-Western party AUR (Alianta pentru Unirea Romanilor – Alliance for the Union of Romanians) made it to parliament with 8.2 percent. AUR was only founded in 2019. The Hungarian UDMR party is also represented in parliament with 7.4 percent.

The share of votes in the election of the Senate (Senate) was comparable.


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