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Export of corona vaccines from the EU to be subject to approval | Free press

Brussels (dpa) – Due to the shortage of corona vaccines, all exports of such funds from the European Union in the future must be registered and approved. The European Commission has proposed a so-called transparency register for this purpose.

At the same time, the Brussels government put pressure on the manufacturer Astrazeneca to deliver the promised vaccine quantities without compromise and without delay. The committee itself has been criticized for negotiating framework agreements with manufacturers, but as yet relatively few corona vaccines are arriving in the 27 countries. The vaccination campaign has been paralyzed as new virus variants spread and states continue to restrict daily life and travel.

After the manufacturer Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca also announced fewer deliveries to the EU on Friday. The committee reacted angrily on Monday and opposed it. President Ursula von der Leyen called Astrazeneca boss Pascal Soriot and, according to a spokesman, made it clear that the EU is pushing for contractually guaranteed deliveries: “We expect the company to find solutions and use all possible leeway to deliver quickly. supply. ”Soriot’s response initially remained open.

At noon, the European Commission and the 27 states also requested information from Astrazeneca in an internal meeting. The British-Swedish group announced on Friday that it initially intended to supply less vaccine to the EU than planned after the expected approval for this week. Instead of 80 million vaccine doses, it should be just 31 million by the end of March.

In total, the European Commission agreed with the company in August to deliver up to 400 million doses of vaccine. According to its own information, the authority has paid a sum of three digits million to ramp up production before approval by the EU. According to the European Commission, according to the contract, since the binding order was placed at the end of October, the group should have stored quantities for the EU. The Commission does not consider the company’s reference to production problems at a supplier in Belgium valid.

CDU European politician Peter Liese criticized the fact that Astrazeneca “apparently supplies without delay to other parts of the world, including Great Britain”. The reason for the delivery difficulties in the EU has worn out, Liese said.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) demanded in Berlin: “As the EU we must be able to know whether and which vaccines are exported from the EU. This is the only way we can understand whether our EU contracts with manufacturers are being served fairly. A corresponding obligation to approve the export of vaccines at EU level makes sense. “

The European Commission is continuing this with its “transparency register”, which, according to information from EU circles, will be put in place within days. Its purpose is to register which manufacturers supply which quantities of vaccines produced in the EU to third countries. In addition, manufacturers will need an export permit in the future. However, this is regularly given for humanitarian goods. The focus is on transparency, it was said from EU circles.

Also on Monday, the European Commission proposed to further restrict travel within the EU to prevent the spread of new variants of the corona virus. More stringent testing and quarantine regulations will be introduced for certain countries and regions. In Germany, new rules have been in force since Sunday for more than 20 countries with particularly high numbers of infections. Other EU countries have already tightened up their requirements.


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