Experts criticize UK openings as ‘dangerous’ | free press


Not only the opposition in the British Parliament is storming the government’s corona policy: more than 100 scientists call the planned relaxation an “unscrupulous experiment”.

London (AP) – In an open letter, more than 100 scientists and medical professionals criticized the British government’s policy of opening the corona as a “dangerous and unscrupulous experiment”.

If the virus continues to spread thanks to the planned relaxation of mask and distancing rules, millions of people would become infected and hundreds of thousands risk long-term illness and permanent disabilities. The relaxation planned for July 19 should be postponed, the experts demanded in the letter from the trade journal ‘The Lancet’.

The British government plans to lift all remaining corona rules in most of England. Then nightclubs must also open again, there is no longer a participant limit for events. The final decision is expected to be made on July 12.

The experts warned that the strategy has prepared fertile ground for the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants. “This would put everyone at risk, including those who have already been vaccinated, in the UK and around the world.” “This strategy risks leaving a generation with chronic health problems and disabilities whose personal and economic consequences will be felt for decades to come,” said the letter, which was signed by a total of 122 experts. People with chronic diseases, young people, children and unvaccinated people are especially at risk of permanent consequential damage.

The UK Department of Health stressed: “Our approach (…) strikes a balance with the need to protect both life and livelihoods.”

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