“Exit”: the perfect new series for “The Wolf of Wall Street” fans

“Exit”: the perfect new series for “The Wolf of Wall Street” fans

It has two seasons, has just premiered in Portugal, and focuses on the crazy world of high finance with drugs, sex and lots of money.

The first season consists of eight episodes.

Thousands of miles from New York and four decades after the 1980s, there is a world that seems no less crazy than the living true story of “The Wolf of Wall Street” (which Martin Scorsese told in the cinema in 2013). This world is featured in Exit, a Norwegian series that premiered in Portugal this Tuesday, August 10th.

The production spans two seasons of eight half-hour episodes each, and the first is available on Filmin, a streaming platform primarily devoted to independent and auteur cinema. It originally debuted in 2019 and quickly became one of the most watched series of all time on Norwegian television.

The setting is the city of Oslo and the world of high finance. There are four protagonist friends – Adam, William, Henrik, and Jeppe – who are successful entrepreneurs. Behind their meetings in suits and ties, in the offices of their magnificent buildings, they lead an unscrupulous, wild bohemian life.

Away from their families, they quench compulsive cravings for drugs, violence, and sex. “Exit” accompanies parties in luxurious villas or your holiday adventures abroad.

They all share a party house that the women don’t even know exists, where they take their luxury companions with them, take the expensive drugs they buy, engage in violent and disgusting acts.

These men, all narcissists, are used to being able to buy anything they want, treat people however they want, and taken together they are worse as they fuel the evil that exists within each of them.

The strangest thing about all of this is that the reasoning is essentially inspired by real facts. Director and screenwriter Øystein Karlsen relied on interviews with executives of Oslo’s financial elite to develop the characters.

For example, one of the protagonists is sterilized, but the woman does not know and thinks she will have a child. Another of these men tries to delay suicide with alcoholic beverages and crazy entertainment.

“The challenge was to get people to watch a whole series where there are no heroes that you disagree with … These people treat others as if they were goods that you can buy or sell” said Karlsen in an interview about the project.

The filmmaker says about 70 percent of the characters’ traits or twists came straight from real life. “This is part of our reality, just a reality that we don’t see. This world is real, so we may have to rethink our image of our own country. “

The cast includes Simon J. Berger, Agnes Kittelsen, Pål Sverre Hagen, Tobias Santelmann, Jon Øigarden, Ine Marie Wilmann and Rolf Lassgård.

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