Ex-Doce has been waiting for the operation for over a year and is already barely able to walk

Ex-Doce has been waiting for the operation for over a year and is already barely able to walk

Teresa Miguel revealed the difficulties she had due to the problem that affects her hip and forces her to use crutches.

Teresa Miguel is waiting for an operation.

Teresa Miguel, 65, one of the founding members of the quartet that founded the first Portuguese girl band Doce, has been waiting for a hip replacement for over a year. The singer revealed to “Correio da Manhã” the difficulties she had and even needed Canadian women to travel.

“I have completely opened my right hip joint. I’ve been waiting for an operation for more than a year, but they don’t call me about COVID-19, “she said, still complaining about the pain and difficulty she was experiencing.

“I have my brother who helps me. But he works all day, so he only comes at night and brings me dinner, ”he told the same newspaper, revealing that his hip joint was“ open ”. Teresa Miguel admits that she spent a lot of time in bed and with little strength. The operation, which is still waiting, would take place at Curry Cabral Hospital. Recently she also had to be assisted in the Hospital de São José in Lisbon.

The singer says she told her story as a warning of the pressures and difficulties the National Health Service is suffering from, affecting quality of life and therapeutic response to patients.

This revelation comes at a time when “Bem Bom,” which tells the story of Doce, was showing in national cinemas. The film focuses on the story of Teresa Miguel and the other Doce singers who were part of the original lineup: Lena Coelho, Fátima Padinha and Laura Diogo. The singer has not had the opportunity to go to the premiere and her health has not yet allowed her to see the film on the big screen, but the feedback she has received has been positive.

Doce Bárbara Branco, Lia Carvalho, Carolina Carvalho and Ana Marta Ferreira can be seen on the screen – and the cast also includes Eduardo Breda, Cristovão Campos, Vicente Wallenstein, Luisa Ortigoso and José Raposo.

Also take the opportunity to read NiT’s article about the premiere of the film on July 8th when we chatted with one of the former Doce, Lena Coelho, and also the interview with Patrícia Sequeira, director of “Bem Bom”. The film will also give rise to a series on RTP.

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