Ex-chairman of the Ethics Council criticizes corona statements Maas | free press


Even in the fall, millions of people are not vaccinated. Despite this, Heiko Maas had spoken out in favor of an early termination of the corona measures. He is now heavily criticized for this.

Munich (dpa) – The professor of theology of Erlangen and former chairman of the German Ethical Council, Peter Dabrock, criticizes federal foreign minister Heiko Maas (SPD) for his statements about the end of the corona measures.

He was “stunned” when he heard that Maas had spoken out in favor of an early lifting of all corona restrictions, if all people in Germany would probably have received a vaccination offer by August, he said on Bayerischer Rundfunk.

“I just don’t understand how you can make a statement and say: we have a vaccination offer for everyone.” Ten million people who couldn’t be vaccinated would be forgotten, Dabrock said, referring to the children. They must be protected by society.

Masked out of solidarity

Dabrock called for certain measures to be maintained. “We should actually wear masks with the text: For the children in solidarity for the young generation.” In his words, the mask should not be “treated as a fetish” and the restrictions of civil liberty should not be attached to it.

“There should not be a second year of disaster school,” emphasized the former chairman of the ethics council. He expects politicians to acknowledge, despite the election campaign and the summer holidays: “We haven’t done our homework yet. There is nothing prepared for the new school year.”

Dabrock criticized the use of air filters as an example. It looks “disastrous” here, responsibility will be transferred from the Federal Chancellor to the municipalities via the federal states. “And who suffers in the end? It’s the kids.” If nothing is done here before the general election, there will be a “substantial reception.”

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