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Everything you need to know before watching the final season of Ozark

Everything you need to know before watching the final season of Ozark

The series returns to Netflix this Friday. This time the story is divided into two parts: you can already see the first seven episodes.

Overall, it’s going to be the greatest season ever.

The beginning of the end of “Ozark” began. The acclaimed Netflix series returns to the streaming platform for its fourth and final season this Friday, January 21. The big difference is that this time the story is split into two parts, each with seven episodes. First debut now, second should arrive towards the end of the year.

Before we delve into the bizarre occurrences of the Byrde family, who relocated to this remote part of the United States under pressure from a Mexican drug cartel, it’s best to recall the key events of season three. It debuted almost two years ago, in March 2020.

Let’s start with Ben, Wendy’s bipolar brother. It was a character who changed a lot in the narrative of “Ozark.” Despite some troubles, he turned out to be a great uncle to Charlotte and Jonah. And it helped cheer Wendy up. He then began a relationship with Ruth — a character who always sacrificed everything to help her family and finally got a chance to put herself first.

But it could never last long. Beginning to stir up dangerous waters, Ben went to Helen’s daughter – the intermediary between the Byrdes and the Navarro cartel – that her mother worked for evil people. Helen then gave Wendy a choice: either murder Ben; or someone would kill Ben and the rest of the family. Wendy ended up sacrificing her brother in the face of the potential risk of everyone losing their lives.

When Ruth found out that Ben had been killed by cartel members, she was very upset, but at the same time she realized that Ben had caused too much trouble and that she could never live with this reality. However, upon realizing that it was Wendy who had given the order, she was furious and outraged.

As a result, he stopped working with the Byrde family. And he made a point of telling Helen that he didn’t blame her (or the cartel) for Ben’s death. Helen was delighted and even asked if she would consider working for the organization again if the Byrdes were no longer part of the equation. Ruth said yes.

Cousin Wyatt and Darlene also wanted to work with Ruth. Ruth didn’t think much of the idea (or this unlikely relationship), but when Darlene committed an act of extreme violence to her advantage, she finally came to her. And with them begins the fourth season.

In season three there was another Mexican cartel messing with the story – the Lagunas, rivals of the Navarros. The Kansas City mafia worked in tandem with the Lagunas, which made Marty’s dealings with Frank Cosgrove (the ringleader of that mafia) significantly more complicated.

Footage captured by a drone of Jonah allowed Marty to show FBI agent Maya Miller evidence of an illegal operation by the Lagunas, leading to an investigation and raid by US authorities. So Marty and Wendy were once again held in high esteem by the Navarre Cartel.

When Helen received such an affirmative answer from Ruth, she questioned Omar Navarro about this hypothesis. What if the Byrdes left and Helen had to run the entire money laundering operation with Ruth’s help? Navarro said neither yes nor no. At least until you invite everyone to your child’s christening.

A few seconds after Helen got out of the car, a cartel member shot her in the head. Omar Navarro made his choice, and in a violent way — and maybe it has something to do with the emotional intimacy he’s developed with Wendy Byrde.

That means Marty and Wendy managed to survive. But for that they had to climb the ladder of the criminal organization, a place of greater danger and instability – from which it will be much more difficult to get out, which has always been Marty’s wish. Even though Wendy has a seemingly different perspective after living a life in the criminal world for all this time.

Without Helen, we can only assume it will be the Byrdes who will have to make the tough (and sometimes murderous) decisions. We can expect quite a challenge considering they have the FBI, the Kansas City Mafia and Ruth and Darlene’s gang against them. And so begins another chapter – the final one – in the Byrde’s epic journey in Ozark.

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