Everything you need to know about the next ultra-violent animation from Studio MAPPA. need to know


A few weeks ago the MAPPA studio unveiled the trailer for Chainsaw Man, his new animated film. An animated one that promises to be even more violent than Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan.


Why is ?

On the occasion of the Crunchyroll Festival, anime fans were able to discover the first images of the adaptation of Chainsaw Man, the latest manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, a young child prodigy to whom we already owe the manga Fire Punch. The anime is produced by MAPPA Studio, to whom we owe the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen and season 4 of Attack on Titan.

Chainsaw Man tells the story of young Denji, a poor young man who is forced to work in unsavory surroundings to pay off his father’s numerous debts. His only friend: Pochita, a cute chainsaw demon. One day, when he is betrayed by his employer and finds himself on the verge of death, Denji merges with Pochita and becomes a chainsaw himself. This merging opens the doors for him to a new life in which he can fulfill his dreams (mainly touching breasts). But it won’t be easy. After becoming a demon, he must decide whether he will be killed by the demon hunter or whether he will become one himself.

An ultra-violent animated

If MAPPA has built a reputation for itself thanks to its high quality animation (we invite you to read our comparison between Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer), the Japanese studio has also been interested in shonen with a more adult and darker tone, with a more accepted one graphic violence. And with Chainsaw Man, the MAPPA studio will reach new heights of violence.

This is due to the concept of the manga. Denji’s metamorphoses are a real living weapon and allow him to slash his opponents, to tear their flesh apart, resulting in real bloodshed.

In Chainsaw Man, the bodies suffer, especially as some characters sacrifice parts of their bodies to deal with demons and thus use their powers. One thinks in particular of Himeno.

A disturbing universe …

If humor, unlike Attack on Titan, allows this violence to be offset and downplayed, the manga is nonetheless disturbing in several ways. First of all, the world in which Denji and his friends develop is a particularly gloomy one, in which desperation pushes men to sacrifice certain parts of their bodies. So before he became a demon, Denji had sold one of his eyes as well as other members.

In addition, Chainsaw Man approaches the question of sexuality very head-on. Denji’s goal is to feel breasts and have sex with Makima. Obviously, sexuality in itself is not disturbing, but Tatsuki Fujimoto likes to distract certain scenes in order to create discomfort in his reader (we are particularly thinking of a kissing scene that gets out of hand and bothers more than one reader).

… what the codes of Shonen. revolutionized

Chainsaw Man has a lot of fun revolutionizing the Shonen codes. First, as Chief Otaku clarified, Denji is not the usual hero. His goal is not noble, he lives very selfishly and wants nothing but sex. We are far from a Luffy who dreams of becoming Lord of the Pirates, a Naruto who dreams of becoming a Hokage, a Gon who dreams of finding his father, or a Tanjiro who is his sister want to get rid of a curse. .

At first glance, Chainsaw Man’s characters aren’t articulated like the usual shonen. Although they are often raised to ally, and when some of them develop strong and complex feelings towards one another, they are mostly selfish and manipulative. Everyone carries a shell that has made it possible for them to survive in a world where the line between humans and demons is becoming more and more blurred.

In addition, in this way, Chainsaw Man also renews the Shonen, who deal with the fight against demons such as Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen. In fact, there is a clear distinction between demons and humans in these mangas. In Chainsaw Man, the difference is less clear: people are extremely imperfect.

The anime will sublimate the manga

The least we can say while watching the trailer is that studio MAPPA’s adaptation is likely to sublimate the pages of the manga. Like Attack on Titan, the series adaptation seems to harmonize the character traits. If Tatsuki Fujimoto is not to be ashamed of his drawing, it should be recognized that its transfer to canvas has been particularly successful.

Then it seems that the anime includes additional scenes to better deepen the relationships between the characters, make them more noticeable in the eyes of the audience, and slow down the action.

Anyway, we can’t wait to discover this new anime. In the meantime, let’s delve further into the manga, which is also very successful. We also encourage you to take an interest in this other animated film that the MAPPA studio is preparing in collaboration with Madhouse.