Everything you need to know about the new “Gossip Girl” series


Everything you need to know about the new “Gossip Girl” series

It has ten episodes and new characters, but it still focuses on rich kids in New York’s private schools.

There is still no date for the debut in Portugal.

Nine years have passed since “Gossip Girl” ended and fans will probably miss it by now. In 2019 the good news arrived that there would be a new series in this story. It was supposed to be on the market in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced the release date to be postponed by a year.

While there is no forecast for HBO Portugal’s arrival yet, it will debut this Thursday, July 8th, on HBO Max in the United States – the version of the platform that will also roll out in Portugal sometime this year.

The production will have ten episodes and the action will take place several years after Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck and Nate graduate from school. Here a new generation of teenagers from New York private schools are introduced to the social surveillance of “Gossip Girl”. This new series explores how social media – and New York itself – has changed in recent years.

The original team is back for the new project. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will serve as executive producers, with showrunner Josh Safran who was one of the writers and producers of the 2007-2012 series that aired on The CW.

“I started to think that my hypothesis that a single person was the source of the gossip was an old idea. Because gossip is everywhere now. It’s the tweet that someone posts and then everyone retweets, ”Safran told Entertainment Weekly magazine.

When the media and generation are different, Josh Safran wanted to keep his focus on the New York teenage elite. Another change from the original series is that the regular cast has been expanded. “The production was high, it is more sophisticated and bigger.”


The protagonists may be richer than their predecessors, but they are also much more conscious. “In 2007 there weren’t any [a plataforma] Zillow, where you can see how much the parents paid for the apartments. Now nine-year-olds can go online and see who’s donated to the Republican Committee. It changed the dynamic for teenagers on this show a lot because they are aware of it. “

They are aware not only of their social and financial privileges, but also of the moral transgressions of their parents. “The show is a lot about the sins of parents. [Na original], the children didn’t know. In this version, children know where their parents’ money comes from. They know what the parents did to get there. “

Despite these changes, the tone remains the same – and unexpected twists and turns, tragic moments, but also joy and euphoria are promised.

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