Everything we already know about the upcoming season of “The Good Doctor”


Everything we already know about the upcoming season of “The Good Doctor”

The series in Portugal airs on AXN, but the first three seasons were a recent phenomenon on Netflix.

The series premiered in 2017.

The fifth season of “The Good Doctor” starts on September 27th in the USA. In Portugal, the series was broadcast on AXN, but recently the first three seasons have also become an audience phenomenon in the national Netflix catalog.

NiT has decided to anticipate the new season by explaining what is already known – but this article is only really worth reading if you have seen the four seasons that have already premiered. There is not yet a confirmed debut date for the fifth season in Portugal.

This story follows the career and personal life of Shaun Murphy, a brilliant doctor with a very special personality, also because he is autistic and has Savant Syndrome. Shaun struggles to socialize, but at the same time he has incredible gifts: not only is he an excellent surgeon, but he is also extremely intelligent and has a great photographic memory.

Over time, Shaun developed a relationship with his first crush, Lea Dilallo – something that was far more difficult for him than the complex medical procedures he performs every day in the hospital.

The relationship has continued to develop, and one of the biggest highlights of season four is when Lea asks Shaun to marry him. Although they were going through a difficult time, after Leaa’s miscarriage, they realized that they had an unbreakable bond. The wedding could well be part of the fifth season.

It is not known how many episodes it will have: the first two seasons had 18 chapters; the third and fourth reached 20.

Who is from “The Good Doctor”?

After four seasons as Claire Brown, actress Antonia Thomas will leave the series. At the end of the fourth season, a team from St. Bonaventure Hospital is on a mission to Guatemala. Browne decides to stay with the medical team in this remote village and help the locals who need a lot of support.

Antonia Thomas hinted that she could return to the series for some sort of cameo, but her character will no longer be regular. “It was a very difficult decision and the farewell is a bit bittersweet because the last four years have been incredible. After four years of devoting four years to Claire and her journey and really exploring the character, I’m ready to try something new, ”she told Deadline.

Who will be most present on the series?

There are three characters – played by Noah Galvin (Asher Cloud), Bria Henderson (Jordan Allen) and Osvaldo Benavides (Mateo Rendón Osma) – who already existed in the story but will play a much more important role in the plot.

What can we expect from the story?

Season four began with a cyberattack that compromised several machines critical to patient survival. Lea finally manages to defeat the hackers.

Former rivals Morgan Reznick and Alex Park hit it off in season four. Especially when they become roommates after his marriage ends. If there was great resistance to developing a romance at the outset, the foundations for a solid relationship are in place.

Another narrative that could be explored in the coming season is Lim’s post-traumatic stress caused by several months of treating patients with Covid-19, many of whom did not survive.

In Guatemala, however, Lim comes close to Mateo Rendón Osma, who is now becoming a permanent figure. This opens the door to a possible future love interest during season five. As for the protagonists, fans are even waiting for Shaun and Lea’s wedding.

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