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European Commission only wants zero-emission new vehicles from 2035 | free press

Brussels (dpa) – The European Commission wants no conventional petrol and diesel cars to be registered in Europe by the middle of the next decade.

A proposal presented on Wednesday stipulates that from 2035 only zero-emission new vehicles may be registered in the EU. There should be a review clause. That is why it is necessary to analyze the progress of the manufacturers every two years; A major test report will follow in 2028. In theory, the 2035 date could still be postponed. The EU countries and the EU parliament have yet to approve the proposal.

The Commission’s proposal also stipulates that by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions from new vehicles must be reduced by 55 percent compared to 2021. If manufacturers do not comply with specifications, fines must be paid.

The project is part of the Commission’s plans to implement Europe’s stricter climate targets. The EU wants at least 55 percent fewer greenhouse gases to be emitted by 2030 than in 1990. By 2050, no more climate-damaging greenhouse gases may be emitted in the Union.

For the transformation in the transport sector, charging points for electric cars will be installed on major highways in the EU every 60 kilometers. The Commission estimates the investment costs for the charging infrastructure at a total of 15 billion euros. Hydrogen filling stations will be installed every 150 kilometers. The European Commission also said that even if you currently assume a poor energy mix, an electric car has lower emissions than a traditional combustion engine.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had told “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that a timetable was important to ensure planning certainty for manufacturers. “How they change their production is up to the manufacturers,” emphasized the politician. “They know best how to develop new cars or new fuels.”

In addition to electric cars, combustion engines can also be climate neutral if they run on hydrogen or synthetic fuels. When produced correctly, these energy sources do not produce additional greenhouse gases.

Currently, however, the alternatives are relatively expensive. At the end of 2020, the ADAC assumed that a liter of synthetic fuel would cost about 4.50 euros to produce. Optimistic forecasts considered a price of 2.29 euros including taxes in 2030 possible.

New climate targets for road traffic were also announced in Great Britain on Wednesday. The sale of diesel and petrol trucks must therefore end by 2040 at the latest. The measure is part of a government project to significantly reduce emissions from traffic. To this end, the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles weighing 3.5 to 26 tons will be banned from 2035 and the sale of heavier trucks by 2040, the London Department of Transport announced. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had already announced a ban on the sale of classic diesel and petrol cars before 2030 in November 2020.


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