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EU budget blockade: Germany negotiates compromise | Free press

Brussels / Warsaw (dpa) – Germany has reached a compromise with Hungary and Poland in the dispute over the blockade of the EU budget and the billions in Corona aid.

Accordingly, there should be an additional statement to the agreements on a rule of law mechanism, which Budapest and Warsaw have so far blocked. The design has been submitted to the German press agency. Among other things, it should define the options Hungary and Poland have for defending themselves against the use of the procedure to punish violations of the rule of law.

Both countries fear that the mechanism is intended to cut EU funds for them due to controversial political projects. It is now eagerly awaited whether the other 24 EU countries will agree to the compromise negotiated by the current German Presidency of the EU Council. It would not only lift the blockade of the next EU budget, but also pave the way for the planned corona aid of up to 750 billion euros.

According to diplomats, a final agreement could be reached at the summit of the heads of state or government on Thursday and Friday in Brussels. The meeting should focus on new climate protection goals and possible further sanctions against Turkey.

The draft also makes it clear that Hungary and Poland can have the new rule of law reviewed by the European Court of Justice. In the event of a lawsuit, it should not be used pending judgment. In addition, the member states must have a say when the European Commission will shortly develop the guidelines for implementation.

It should also be relevant to reiterate that a finding of a breach of the rule of law alone is not enough to reduce EU financial support. Accordingly, it should be clearly stated that the violation adversely affects the use of money. Moreover, it should be noted again that the Council of Heads of State or Government should also address the issue in contentious issues.

The agreement in principle was confirmed in the morning by Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, among others. On Tuesday evening, after talks in Warsaw, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said a solution was only “an inch” away. In the late afternoon, the ambassadors of the EU countries held a first meeting in Brussels. An EU diplomat then spoke of a positive debate. Start now with the in-depth analysis in the capitals.

Countries such as the Netherlands and Luxembourg, in particular, had recently warned that an agreement should not water down the planned new procedure for punishing violations of the rule of law. Hungary and Poland want to achieve just that. If even one EU state rejects the agreement, the EU will probably not have some sort of emergency budget until January. Numerous programs may not start. In addition, a way should be found to reorganize the Corona economic program.

Especially EU countries that are severely affected by the Corona crisis and at the same time have a debt problem – for example France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Belgium – are mainly dependent on Corona aid.

EU countries agreed on the new rule of law mechanism at the end of October, against the wishes of Hungary and Poland. The national conservative ruling party PiS has been restructuring the judiciary for years. In Hungary, particular criticisms are made of restrictions on the freedom of the media and insufficient protection of minorities.


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