Erotic films have been on the Internet since this morning the


Since that night, several media outlets have seen their content being exploited through pornographic videos. When porn comes to you.

With morning coffee

Porn in mainstream news media? Absolutely. Several NSFW videos have penetrated the internet since this morning. Big media like The Verge (shame), Vanity Fair, the Washington Post or the Huffington Post are targeted. Why ?

The traditional advertising at the heart of articles on several major news sites has been replaced by porn videos to the amazement of internet users. The takeover of Vidme (a video host founded in 2014 and disappeared from the radar in 2017) by the porn site 5 Star Porn HD is in question.

The information was shared on Twitter by @dox_gay:

A now discontinued video hosting and advertising platform (VidMe) let its domain name expire and was bought by a pornographic site. Now there is NSFW content all over the internet where its links have been embedded.

Twitter didn’t notice, but a now-defunct video hosting / advertising platform (VidMe) expired their domain and a porn website bought it. Now there is NSFW porn all over the regular internet with their links embedded in it lol

For example:

July 22, 2021

Porn, champion of virality

It’s been an open door ever since. All videos hosted on Vidme have since been redirected to the 5 Star Porn HD homepage. also forwards its videos to news sites. For example, if you read an article with the keywords “scary” or “awesome” you might come across a video of a man with a large penis having sex.

Since then, the problem appears to have been resolved on most of the affected websites, but it is interesting to wonder about the virality of content, especially pornographic in nature, on the web.