Eric Trump Said His Dad ‘Fought For This Country’ And Critics Went … What Now?!?

Eric Trump prompted some raised eyebrows amongst Twitter customers this week when he claimed his father, Donald Trump, had “fought” for America.

“My father fought for this nation,” the previous president’s son mentioned in a video interview shared on-line. “Tom Brady all the time fought and performed for his staff. My father’s enjoying for Staff America.”

Whereas the phrase “fought” was possible only a flip of phrase, it irked critics on Twitter who felt it was doing a lot of heavy lifting. They instantly highlighted Donald Trump’s historical past of medical deferments from the navy, together with one on the premise of bone spurs in his heels.

That prognosis has since been questioned, although, after the daughter of the podiatrist who noticed Trump mentioned it was finished merely as a favor to his father, Fred.

Different tweeters identified Trump’s previous criticism of wounded battle veterans.

The previous president has additionally described avoiding sexually transmitted infections within the Seventies and Eighties as his “private Vietnam.”


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