Eric Kripke confirms that he created an episode about the most scandalous event in comics

With an eventful ending to season two, fans have high hopes that The Boys season three lives up to their expectations. The showrunner of the series, Eric Kripke, wants to put up the package for the third season, which already promises to be even more sulphurous than the previous ones.

Season 3 of The Boys

We already know that Season 3 of The Boys introduces new characters like the Soldier Boy whose statue we saw in Season 2. Soldier Boy is a pathetic version of Captain America, just like Homelander is a really twisted version. from Superman. He was given a superpower, as we learn in the comics, to come to the aid of the United States, but he has neither the heart nor the intelligence to take it over completely.

In terms of the characters we already know, we know Queen Maeve will play a pivotal role. It must be said that the character has evolved a lot since season one and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future. What about the script itself? Do we already know what to expect? Eric Kripke obviously wants us to prepare for this in advance.

The introduction of herogasm

Warning: this part contains big booty related to the comics The Boys and especially Volume 8 of the collection. If you want to avoid them, read no further.

The day before yesterday, Eric Kripke shared a message on his social networks about the third season of The Boys that made all comic readers jump:

From day one, everyone dared me to do this episode. CHALLENGE MET MOTHERFUCKERS # TheBoys #TheBoysTV @TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo @SPTV #SPNFamily @Sethrogen @evandgoldberg

January 17, 2021

From day one everyone asked me to do this episode. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Eric Kripke has therefore confirmed to all internet users that the Herogasm will be present in season 3 of The Boys. “But what is that again?” You have to think if you are not an avid comic book reader. The herogasm is a unique moment in the comics as it is a gathering of superheroes who declare that together they must fight a threat to the planet but in reality come together to take part in a huge orgy between supers. Even if you haven’t read the comics, it’s easy to imagine what a night like this could be, especially with the powers of all the Supers we already know.

Viewers will therefore have to wait for the sixth episode of the third season to see this sulphurous event in the comics with their own eyes. If the third season of The Boys has the same number of episodes as the first two seasons, the Herogasm is near the end and only two episodes remain to deal with the aftermath of the event. It will be interesting to see how Kripke and his team manage to stage it: in a way that honors the comics but doesn’t go beyond the boundaries set by Amazon.

However, we are sure that the Herogasm will not show the infamous comic strip sex scene between Homelander (Antony Starr) and the Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) on screen. Kripke has already confirmed this, and given the obscure consent issues he poses, it’s understandable. Furthermore, there is no doubt that the herogasm will already have its share of debauchery in it and that the scene will not be capital to judge the depravity of the Supers. This is sure to help The Boys maintain their status as the muggy and gimmickest series on Amazon Prime.

If you are a fan of the series and you are waiting for the next season to arrive, you can take our personality test to find out which character from The Boys you would be in this totally insane and insane universe.

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