ERC receives multiple complaints about “Hell’s Kitchen”

ERC Receives Multiple Complaints Against Ljubomir Stanisic’s “Hell’s Kitchen”

The SIC program only aired one episode but has already sparked requests for clarification by that entity.

The program has just started.

“Hell’s Kitchen” was just debuting on SIC, there was only one episode, but it was already the target of several complaints filed with the Social Communications Regulator (ERC). At stake may be some comments from Chef Ljubomir Stanisic to competitors who are part of this first season of the program.

For “N-TV”, the ERC has not confirmed the number of complaints received. They are currently being reviewed and a decision will be made on them soon. “When a decision is made on them, the ERC will proceed with their publication. At this point in time, the number of estimated holdings and their contents are also published, ”explains ERC.

Not only on Hell’s Kitchen, but also on other programs, the ERC confirmed that it had received several complaints regarding comments and sexist statements.

“Hell’s Kitchen” was recently renewed for the second season. Registration is now open. The program is the latest bet from SIC for Sunday evenings.

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