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It is early May and this year’s natural resources have already been used up in Germany. Environmentalists criticize this as an alarm and a sign of poverty for politicians.

Berlin (dpa) – Germany has already used up its stock of natural resources for the current year on Wednesday.

The early date of the so-called Earth Overload Day is an alarm and indictment against the failed environmental and nature conservation policies of recent years, said Olaf Bandt, chairman of the board of the Association for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUNDEL).

The Earth Congestion Day date is calculated annually by the Global Footprint Network, a think tank in the US and Switzerland. It is given for individual countries as well as for the entire planet. As of the calculated reference date, the population of a country – or humanity as a whole – has consumed all the natural resources that can be generated over the course of a year.

According to BUND, the fact that Germany has already used up its natural resources so early in the year is due, among other things, to the high energy consumption, the high CO2 emissions from traffic and bio-industry, and to the pollution of soil and air . and groundwater. “If everyone around the world lived as wastefully as we do, humanity would need three Earths to cover their resource consumption,” Bandt said. From now on, Germany lives on credit and wastes the livelihoods of all countries and future generations. In their criticism, the environmentalists also referred to the recent Federal Constitutional Court ruling calling for improvements to Germany’s climate protection law.

According to a statement by the BUND, the nongovernmental organization calculated a date in midsummer for the day of the Earth’s overload, and the network itself states that the exact date will be announced on June 5.

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