Enter high-end audio with EPOS ‘H3 gaming headset


The world of audio is huge. With so many brands and different lines of products, it’s hard to know where to look. To be with you, today we invite you to discover the H3 helmets from the EPOS brand. Versatile plug-and-play headsets that allow all gamers to see how much audio is in a gaming experience.

Premium audio at your fingertips

The EPOS H3 wired closed acoustic headphones are high quality stereo headphones with excellent audio quality and a clear microphone for crystal clear communication. Plug and play, the H3 is easy to use and suitable for everyone, including everyday gamers who want to appreciate the difference that expertly crafted sound can make.

The EPOS brand is based on over 100 years of audio engineering and know-how. EPOS is a newly launched brand that builds on the legacy of Sennheiser Communications, a former joint venture between Demant A / S and Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, which previously designed, sold and manufactured Sennheiser play equipment. EPOS specializes in audio for games and offers gamers its experience through a selection of high-end products, each featuring high quality design, engineering and technology. In addition to the excellent stereophony, the H3 headphones from EPOS also have a microphone in studio quality.

A microphone that provides a clear and natural capture of the user’s voice. A blessing for multiplayer players who can communicate so freely, precisely and easily with their game partners. In addition to these features, the EPOS H3 headset enables the microphone to be deactivated immediately. This feature allows for intuitive control of communication and guarantees players complete immersion, but also complete control. In short, the H3’s high quality microphone reduces ambient noise for ultra-clear communication.

In summary, the EPOS H3 headset presents itself as an entry into the high-end middle class of audio gaming. With its crystal clear sound, amazing pickup boom, and affordable price tag, the EPOS H3 is obvious. If you’re interested in this excellent headset, you know it sells for $ 119.99.