Enjoy 25% off the Google Home Max speaker!

Do you trust the Google brand and want a high quality speaker in your home? This Home Max can surprise you. Currently available for less than 150 euros, this offer should not be missing under any circumstances.

Google Home Max: to pamper your ears

Do you like simple designs? So much better! Google has been around for years and is once again offering you a sober and cute device. The square shape of this Home Max, accompanied by rounded edges, allows it to blend in with any decor. Note, however, that it does not have a flat back. This is more like those of old televisions. Not surprisingly, its weight easily exceeds 5 kg.

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At the configuration level, Google has also reduced the number of buttons to a minimum. This means that there is a tactile surface on top of the Home Max. Moving to the left decreases the volume and moving to the right increases the volume. The 4 LED indicators displayed are used to determine the approximate volume level.

The rest of the buttons are on the back. First of all, there is a slider that you can use to disable the microphone. Then we find a 3.5mm jack, a USB-C port (for the ethernet connection) and a special power cable.

What about the sound side? Here, too, the Home Max is powerful. It is possible to get up to 96 dB, which is the same as a chainsaw noise. The speaker is actually powered by two massive speakers to which two smaller ones have been added. If you want to make the sound more spatial, you can connect it to another model. In this case, each of them sends out monotonous sound, eventually creating a stereo effect.

The Google Home Max sold for $ 199.99, but with the promotion you can get it for just $ 149.99 or $ 50 less. Also, don’t forget that the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Essential Scooter Pack are still available.

Why fall for this offer?

The price The design The sound

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