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Energy Drink for Gamers offers great deals for Black Friday

The German energy drink brand LevlUp recently hit the French market and offers specialized products for gamers. Powdered drinks that need to increase players’ focus and responsiveness to increase performance in the shortest possible time. And with Black Friday LevlUp is launching an attractive campaign: two glasses that were bought for the price of one.

Energy drinks for gamers

While Black Friday is sometimes limited to Friday, LevlUp goes a step further and presents its Black Week. For a week, all glasses in the brand’s Gaming Booster range will be on sale: two glasses bought for the price of one. An offer that also works by increasing the number of pots purchased. Thus, it is possible to find four glasses that were bought for the price of two and six glasses that were bought for the price of three. Products that can be found here.

13 different flavors are available if new fruity recipes are regularly added to the catalog. And on the occasion of Black Week, a new, unique and temporary flavor is available: Acai and Blackcurrant. As LevlUp points out, if you like this flavor, hurry up as the brand new Halloween flavor will sell out in just a few hours. In addition, this unique product can be accompanied by a shaker, depending on the selected offer.

Unlike other drinks on the market, LevlUp drinks are low in carbohydrates. Only four grams of sugar per serving, that’s up to eleven times less sugar than its competitors. These drinks are made from caffeine and taurine and help focus and react quickly. Manufactured in Germany and submitted to the European Food Safety Authority, they meet strict specifications.

The brand promises complete transparency of the composition of its products by translating in particular the composition of the powders. That way, players can find out what the pots contain without deception. A benevolent transparency for inexpensive products, since in normal times they cost less than one euro per serving. Even less with Black Week. To learn more, please visit the brand’s Instagram page.


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