Emma Watson had sympathy for Palestine – now hated by Jews


Emma Watson had sympathy for Palestine – now hated by Jews

The “Harry Potter” activist and actress has been attacked by Israeli politicians who fail to recognize her recent activism.

The actress and activist has not yet spoken

It is a grave allegation, but one that also recurs whenever there are demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian people. This time the target was Emma Watson, the 31-year-old actress who is also one of the most vocal activists in the film industry.

The controversy began with an Instagram post on Monday January 2nd. It was a republication of an image shared by the Bad Activist Collective that superimposed the phrase “solidarity is a word” on a photo of a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

The publication was accompanied by a quote from the British scientist Sara Ahmed. “Solidarity is not based on the principle that our struggles are the same struggles, or that the pain we feel is the same pain, or that our hope boils down to the same future,” he writes. “Solidarity includes commitment, work and the ability to recognize that we live on a common basis, even if we do not have the same feelings, the same life or the same body.”

The gesture did not please Danny Danon, the former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, who was quick to comment on the publication on Twitter. “10 points to Gryffindor for anti-Semitism,” he wrote while attempting to combine the call to solidarity with an act of discrimination and hostility towards the Jewish people.

He quickly received support from the current Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. Gilad Erdan joined the critic choir. “Fiction may work in the world of Harry Potter, but it doesn’t work in the real world. If it works, magic could eradicate the evil of Hamas (which oppresses women and seeks to destroy Israel) and the Palestinian Authority (which supports terrorism), ”he wrote.

It fell to British MP Sayeeda Warsi to say the obvious in public: “Solidarity with the Palestinians is not anti-Semitism.” “These are shocking comments from the former Israeli ambassador to the UN.”

The head of the Palestinian Mission in the United Kingdom also decided to demonstrate in defense of the actress. “Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and justice is a human and moral duty of all who love freedom. Thank you Emma Watson. “

This is by no means Watson’s first foray into activism. She has spoken several times in UN commissions for gender equality and regularly makes her Instagram platform available to activist collectives so that they can spread her message.