Emma Watson asks to be left alone


The interpreter of Hermione Granger, who was the victim of many prominent articles about his romantic relationship or his “dormant” career, returned to Twitter to put the points on the i regarding his media treatment. To this end, she spoke directly to her fans.

An actress who is the victim of a ponderous love

Emma Watson’s love life always sets passions free. And for good reason: Many adore the actress. Her charisma, beauty, and dedication are all engines that lead us, simple muggles, to hope for a minimal chance with her. And that’s despite the endless number of obvious reasons why this imaginary romance will never happen, even in our wildest dreams.

Our interest in Emma Watson is also linked with a strong bond. Many fans feel that they really grew up with the British actress through the 8 parts of the Harry Potter saga.

Even 10 years after the last movie was released, nostalgia and affection remain the same. Hermione’s interpreter is therefore regularly the fat of the press. She is often the target of articles speculating about her career or relationship.

Strong media coverage

Emma Watson has always said that she is immensely grateful for playing the young witch that JK Rowling envisioned. However, like many other players in the saga, the other side of the coin weighs him down. Obviously, it’s not particularly pleasant to be the subject of unfounded rumors or to see your personal life dragged into the public place.

Recently, the announcement of the end of his career and his rejection triggered a tidal wave in social networks and in the specialist press. The same goes for his relationship with Leo Robinto. Articles about their breakup, engagement, and re-separation continue to grow, to the delight of the media … but not for the actress’s good.

A comfortable joke

Exhausted, Emma Watson decided to put an end to these forays into her private life. In social networks, she specifically asked that we leave her alone once and for all:

Dear fans,
Rumors of whether I’m engaged or not, or whether my career is “slumbering or not” are ways to generate clicks every time they turn out to be true or false.

May 17, 2021

When I have news, I promise I will share it with you.

May 17, 2021

“Dear fans,

Rumors about whether I’m engaged or not, whether my career is “slumbering or not” are just as many ways to generate clicks when they turn out to be true, false.

If I have any information I promise I will share it with you. “

Normal life in a global crisis

The British actress continues to make sure the reasons her fans haven’t heard from her are simple. It just means that like the rest of the world, she is facing the pandemic. She too “misses her sourdough bread, takes care of those who [lui] are expensive and out [son] Better not to spread the virus that still affects so many people. “

An unexpected return to Twitter

We finally had to push the actress to her limits so that she could get back to the social networks she had put aside since August 2020. Given the circumstances, it is certain that we will not see her again. Immediately on the platform in the Blue Bird.