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Emily Blunt announces a promising sequel

Edge of Tomorrow is a relative hit in the cinema. Still, the production and fans have been hoping for a sequel to the film for several years. This second part should be a little late, but it will certainly live up to expectations.

Edge of tomorrow 2, still relevant?

Edge of Tomorrow told the story of Commander William Cage, played by Tom Cruise, who was doomed to relive the same battle against an alien army over and over again. If the film had raised $ 370 million, it would have cost 178 million to produce. The large initial budget then had an impact on profitability. A sequel, however, is beautiful and well planned for several years, though little is new about it.

Soberly titled Edge of Tomorrow 2: Live Die Repeat and Repeat, the film brings back Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Unfortunately, these actors seem to be particularly busy lately. Tom Cruise is currently filming Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8. Emily Blunt is promoting her film Wild Mountain Thyme and has many projects for the next few years such as Without a Noise 2, the series The English or the feature film Not Fade Away.

The main characters in the film aren’t the only ones who are overwhelmed. In fact, Dough Liman, the acting director in the first part, is also busy with a project that he is preparing with Tom Cruise. For Universal Pictures, the two men will work together in the hope of doing an epic shoot in space. If, as you have surely understood, the wait is going to be a long time for Edge of Tomorrow 2 to hit the big screen, then there is still hope. Dough Liman has said he would like to get into the film as soon as Tom Cruise manages to complete his two consecutive filming of Mission: Impossible.

Emily blunt promises difficult things

Edge of Tomorrow 2 plans are therefore in the works and it’s all about timing. Emily Blunt was also recently interviewed about the film. She then reaffirms the problems associated with the agendas of the various protagonists, but not that … The actress also takes the opportunity to make us languish.

Yes, [le script] is really promising and really, really cool. I just don’t know when it’s all due, you know what I mean? It should be just the right time between all of our schedules. But there’s something going on, sure it’s a great idea. A good idea.

This then fits perfectly with all the elements collected by the press over several years, suggesting that a second episode is more successful than the Edge of Tomorrow first name.


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