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Because Astrazeneca is no longer vaccinated for the time being, the schedule of the vaccination campaign is at risk. The federal and state governments have canceled their vaccination summit. For now, the EMA is still convinced of the benefits of the Astrazeneca vaccine.

Brussels / Amsterdam (dpa) – The European Medicines Agency believes the benefits of Astrazeneca’s corona vaccine outweigh its dangers until ongoing studies are completed.

As long as the EU agency’s investigations go on, it was firmly convinced that the vaccine’s benefits in preventing Covid-19 outweighed its risk, EMA chief Emer Cooke confirmed. On Thursday, the EMA wanted to give an estimate of possible risks and further use.

Germany and many other EU countries had recently stopped vaccinations with Astrazeneca’s corona vaccine. The background to this was reports of blood clots in connection with the vaccination process.

Cooke now emphasized that a situation like this was not unexpected. If you vaccinate millions of people, it is inevitable that you will develop rare or serious diseases after vaccination. The EMA is now checking whether this is actually a side effect or a coincidence. This requires a scientific assessment. Each incident is viewed individually. “We have to get the facts first.” It was not possible to reach a conclusion for that.

Cooke tentatively stated there was no evidence that the vaccinations had caused the incidents. They did not appear in the clinical studies, nor were they known or expected side effects of the vaccine.

The Irish woman stressed that the corona crisis has devastating health, economic and social consequences. Vaccines are said to help protect people. This is a very important consideration in assessing benefits and risks. If the incidents were actually related to the vaccine, one had to see how to deal with them – “bearing in mind that these vaccines are also very important in preventing deaths from Covid-19”.

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