Elon Musk (Tesla) is finally using 100% autonomous driving and it’s impressive!

Did the American electric car manufacturer definitely invent the car of the future? In any case, this seems to have a series of videos showing off the 100% driving skills.

Tesla is testing the beta

If the cars don’t fly yet and still don’t look like the Batmobile, Tesla has just got a hell of a good point in developing the automobile of the future. In fact, the manufacturer has just launched the beta version of 100% driving, or “fully autonomous driving capacity” after Tesla’s official name.

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FSD beta rollout will take place tonight. Will be extremely slow and careful as it should.

20th October 2020

At the invitation of Elon Musk, some testers were able to test the city’s “fully autonomous driving ability”, while previously 100% autonomous driving could only be used on the motorway. The testers were able to film their experiences and their enthusiasm.

Wow here is a left turn and it went safely through the light. These are Bettaaaaa people and it’s amazing. @elonmusk you wilder, you created a life hack and you reached fsd. @tesla_raj pic.twitter.com/L8dPC6PhpU

October 22, 2020

Since this is a beta version, drivers who had the privilege of trying the “fully autonomous driving ability” were naturally asked to be extra careful. An accident happened quickly. You must therefore keep your hands on the steering wheel.

It should also be noted that European drivers, due to certain restrictions decided by the European Parliament that severely limit the benefits of autonomous driving, such as: B. the obligation for the driver to have a less efficient version of 100% autonomous driving from Tesla. Driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel.

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