Elon Musk dejected by cats


With his company Tesla, Elon Musk wants to revolutionize the automotive industry for cleaner and smarter driving. With SpaceX he wants to revolutionize the exploration of space and enable mankind to colonize it. With Starlink, it ultimately wants to provide the whole world with fast and stable access to an Internet connection. But cats don’t plan on letting it happen that easily.

Starlink, a project that can revolutionize the world?

While his long-term goal is to colonize space with SpaceX and send spaceships to the moon within a few years, Elon Musk is not giving up our good old earth. With his company specializing in aerospace, he has been developing the Starlink satellite constellation for several years. So there are no fewer than 12,000, then 42,000 mini satellites that are to be sent into low orbit in the coming years, although so far “only” a little more than 1,300 have taken the route into space.

The idea behind this constellation is to offer internet access to the entire population of the world, including the most remote people who do not have access to it today. This particularly ambitious project should make it possible to achieve significantly lower latency times than current satellites and thus a better connection to the Internet. Still in its infancy, the Starlink network seems to be working particularly well, unless cats decide to get involved.

Global cat plot confirmed

It’s an almost universal running gag that we regularly pass on on our social networks: What if cats secretly controlled the world? We feed them, persuade them, purify behind them when they meet their needs … It also seems that some supernatural force prevents us from arguing with them when they do stupid things. In short, the theory is believable and reinforced by the discovery of an American named Aaron Taylor.

Starlink users, he went to check the status of his satellite dish when his internet connection began rowing, and even went so far as to prevent him from watching TV. It was there that he discovered the new cat shop that was supposed to cut us off and isolate us from the internet: five cats had gathered on his plate to take a nap and were preventing it from functioning properly.

Starlink works well until the cats notice that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days. pic.twitter.com/uyH3Kbqrie

December 31, 2021

Starlink works fine until the cats notice the dish is adding some warmth in cold weather.

If the plot obviously remains the main role, then Aaron’s explanation is also plausible. It turns out that the Starlink bowls are equipped with a smart system called “Snow Melt Mode” that allows them to melt the snow that has accumulated in them, thus encouraging the cats to warm up. However, the owner of the parable emphasizes that they avoided his house, so hot and open to all cats, proof that they “wanted to be there”. In response to Aaron’s tweet, one internet user shared his fears: The feline conspiracy appears to be spreading to other animals, so be careful.

Different species, same problem pic.twitter.com/OzG2bOoaWv

January 1, 2022