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Elliot Page will publish a paper next year

Elliot Page will publish a paper next year

The transgender actor confirmed the rumors about the work by sharing news about the topic on social media.

The book is scheduled to be published in 2023.

In May 2021, the first pictures of Elliot Page emerged after his transformation. The transgender actor took to social media to share a nude photo. This month February he returned to use the platforms to confirm he will be publishing a paper in 2023.

According to the Associated Press, the book will be called “Pageboy” and will focus on Elliot’s life alongside the transgender story that began in 2020 as one of the world’s most famous trans people, but also on mental health, love, relationships, sex and the divide that Hollywood can be ‘ explained publisher Flatiron Books.

Elliot Page is best known for her role in Juno 2017, where she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. He later joined the cast of The Umbrella Academy, the Netflix series which is now in its third season.

In 2021, he said on social media that he’s received multiple contacts to play roles, produce films or direct since his announcement – more than in recent years. Some of them are transgender roles and some are just male.

In March of that year, he made history by becoming the first trans man to appear on the cover of Time magazine. He currently has two films in post-production: Robodog, where he plays Izzy; Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin” in which she only speaks.


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