Elliot Page shows himself in a bathing suit for the first time after the transition


Elliot Page shows the body for the first time after the transition

The picture of the unveiling of the 34-year-old actor went viral on social networks.

It’s another occasion where a picture is worth a thousand words – especially for the smile it expresses. Elliot Page – formerly Ellen Page, the acclaimed actress of “Juno”, now a transgender actress – posted the first naked torso picture on her Instagram after the transformation she was going through. The photo immediately went viral, garnering comments from thousands of people and “likes” from literally millions.

In early December 2020, Elliot Page also introduced himself on social media. It was the name that would be now that he was transgender.

As NiT told him, the actor later explained in several publications some of the difficulties he had always felt in his life until he got out. In late April, in a lengthy interview with Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV +, she revealed the meaning of the change that says she “saved her life.”

Elliot Page has also stated that since its announcement on social media, he has had multiple contacts to interpret roles, produce or make films – more than in recent years. Some of them are transgender roles and some are just male. It was also confirmed that he would remain in the cast of “The Umbrella Academy,” a Netflix series that is now in its third season.