Elliot Page confessed to Oprah how the transition “saved his life”.


Elliot Page confessed to Oprah how the transition “saved his life”.

Ellen Page was one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Now he’s leading a completely different life.

In early December, Elliot Page introduced himself on social media. It was the name that would be now that he was transgender.

Her career has been successful as she stood out in “Juno,” a 2007 film that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. It was followed by the recent participation in the cast of the superhero team of Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy”.

The actor had already told some of the difficulties he had always felt in his life until he got out. He highlighted the importance of life-saving change with Oprah Winfrey in a lengthy interview that aired on Apple TV + on Friday April 30th.

My next guest on #TheOprahConversation is @TheElliotPage. I hope this is an invitation for people to understand, appreciate, and know that every person born on this planet wants the same thing. We want to be accepted, loved and lived in health and safety as our authentic selves. pic.twitter.com/QJl4UsSceE

– Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) April 30, 2021

About his transition, he said, “I want everyone to know that they not only changed my life but saved my life,” he said. He also stated that this transition is still ongoing.

At 34, the Canadian-born actor admitted that coming out was a “liberating” experience and that he used his public recognition to counteract the hostility facing the trans community as well. The actor also defended the importance of access to adequate health care for and in transition.

After his first prominent appearance as the first trans man on the cover of “Time”, the actor also spoke of the explosion of creativity that enabled him to write his first screenplay.

On the same social networks on which he first announced his move, Elliot took the opportunity to thank Oprah for the “opportunity to share his story”.