Ellen Page: “Juno” actress is transgender (and has already changed her name)


Ellen Page: the Juno actress is transgender (and has already changed her name)

The decision was announced on social media and praised by fans.

He made a name for himself in “Juno”.

Ellen Page is now Elliot Page. He announced to fans that he was transgender on social media and announced his new name. He admitted that he was lucky enough to be able to make this revelation.

He began to stand out with “Juno,” a 2007 film that earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Over the years he has continued to excel in cinema, in films like “The Origin,” but also on television, where he is part of the superhero team on “The Umbrella Academy,” a Netflix series.

In 2014, Ellen Page appeared as “homosexual” after years of fatigue. This Tuesday, December 1st, he gave the revelation to his followers on social networks (where his accounts already appear under the name Elliot).

“Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronoun is he and my name is Elliot. I feel happy to write this. To be here. To reach this place in my life. Me I am immeasurably grateful for the incredible people who have accompanied me on this journey. I can hardly say how incredible it is to feel that I can finally love who I am, “he wrote, adding that he continued for a more egalitarian society will fight.