Ellen Page is now Elliot – but remains in the cast of “The Umbrella Academy”

Ellen Page is now Elliot – but remains in the cast of “The Umbrella Academy”

Confirmation that he will continue the Netflix series comes after adopting himself as a transgender.

Ellen Page assumed she was trans.

It was like Ellen Page that we met her in “Juno” (2007), a role that earned her an Oscar nomination for “Best Actress”. Over the years he has continued to excel in the cinema, in films such as “The Origin,” but also on television, where he appears prominently on the superhero team of “The Umbrella Academy,” a Netflix series.

Last Tuesday, December 1st, Ellen, now Elliot, revealed to the world that she was transgender and made her new name and identity known. In “The Umbrella Academy” she plays Vanya Hargreeves, one of the adoptive sisters of the curious (and powerful) main family.

A source from the streaming platform confirmed to Hollywood Reporter magazine that the cast of the series, which is inspired by the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, will not change. However, the platform’s Twitter page has made it very clear to Elliot’s pride and support in this new phase. “Very proud of our superhero. We can’t wait for you to return for season three, ”you can read.

When Elliot came out, he spoke openly about how this change allowed him to like himself more and how he wants to continue his fight against discrimination for a more egalitarian society.

So proud of our superhero! WE LOVE YOU ELLIOT! Can’t wait to see you again in Season 3! 🎻 🖤

– Netflix (@netflix) December 1, 2020

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