Eliott Page shows himself shirtless and proudly shows his muscles on Instagram

Actor Elliot Page, who came out transgender last December, has changed his last few months a lot. After sharing a photo with his more masculine face and then a photo of his bare chest after his chest was removed, he’s showing off his muscles on social networks this summer. It must be said he has real candy bars and he is proud of them.

New photo of new life

It’s summer and many of you are showing off your bodies on the beach or by the pool. For several weeks, social networks have been invaded by photos of you or your loved ones lazing around. The stars do the same, but it’s a very special summer for Eliott Page. The actor, who was a woman last year, can finally enjoy his body transformation and new life. At 34, he seems happy, fulfilled, and comfortable in his body.

This isn’t the first time the X-Men and Umbrella Academy actor has been revealed shirtless on social networks, back in May he gave us a first glimpse of his transition. Elliot Page thanks his fans for all the support, thanks to this photo he in turn sends a message of pride and supports all those who are going through a transformation or want to experience a transformation like him.

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