Elemental Skill, Burst, and abilities explained

Credible sources have lastly leaked Scaramouche’s gameplay skills from the Genshin Affect 3.3 beta. The character is also referred to as The Wanderer. Each aliases can be used interchangeably on this article.

This piece will focus on Genshin Affect 3.3 leaks masking Scaramouche, together with:

  • The numbers on all his skills
  • His Elemental Ability, Burst, and Constellation data
  • His Ascension and Expertise Supplies

There’s a lot to speak about, particularly for the reason that leaks simply got here out. Let’s begin with a tweet that incorporates all the knowledge represented through a number of tables.

Scaramouche Genshin Affect 3.3 leaks: The Wanderer’s skills

This can be a ton of knowledge to cowl . If the tweet is simply too small or finally ends up being deleted (at all times a risk), then this text will summarize all the things for you. Let’s begin along with his fundamental stats:

  • 5-star
  • Anemo
  • Catalyst
  • 10,164 base HP at Degree 90
  • 328 base ATK at Degree 90
  • 607 DEF at Degree 90

Now, let’s proceed to have a look at the opposite Genshin Affect 3.3 leaks associated to The Wanderer. Every part revealed right here is topic to vary, particularly in terms of particular numbers. Readers can nonetheless speculate based mostly on the info they see earlier than them however ought to keep in mind that The Wanderer can at all times get buffed or nerfed.

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Scaramouche Ascension and Expertise Degree-Up Supplies

168 Rukkhashava Mushrooms is a lot to collect (Image via HoYoverse)
168 Rukkhashava Mushrooms is lots to gather (Picture through HoYoverse)

The Wanderer would require the next Ascension Supplies to max out his complete stage:

  • One Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Fragments
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Chunks
  • Six Vayuda Turquoise Gem stones
  • 46 Perpetual Caliburs
  • 168 Rukkhashava Mushrooms
  • 18 Outdated Handguards
  • 30 Kageuchi Handguards
  • 36 Famed Handguards
  • 420,000 Mora

Equally, here’s what he requires to max out all three Abilities:

  • 9 Teachings of Praxis
  • 63 Information to Praxis
  • 114 Philosophies of Praxis
  • 18 Outdated Handguards
  • 66 Kageuchi Handguards
  • 93 Famed Handguards
  • 18 Daka’s Bells
  • Three Crown of Insights
  • 4,957,500 Mora

Scaramouche Elemental Ability and Burst in Genshin Affect 3.3

No footage was available when this article was written (Image via HoYoverse)
No footage was out there when this text was written (Picture through HoYoverse)

Scaramouche’s Elemental Ability in Genshin Affect 3.3 beta is described as:

“Concentrates the facility of the winds to interrupt free from the shackles of the earth, dealing AoE Anemo DMG earlier than leaping into the air and getting into the Windfavored state.”

Windfavored has a number of results, similar to:

  • Elevated Regular and Charged Assault AoE and DMG
  • Charged Assaults don’t eat Stamina
  • His motion consumes one thing referred to as Sky-Dweller Factors
  • He can even dash mid-air to eat extra Sky-Dweller Factors

His Windfavored State will finish as soon as he runs out of Sky-Dweller Factors. This Elemental Ability solely offers him 100 Sky-Dweller Factors throughout all ranges, and it has a CD (cooldown) of six seconds.

The Wanderer’s Elemental Burst is sort of easy, because it states:

“Compresses the environment right into a singular vacuum that grinds all troubles away, dealing a number of situations of AoE Anemo DMG. If the character is within the Windfavored state as a result of talent Hanega: Fushi Kakka, Windfavored state will finish after casting.”

The Wanderer’s Elemental Burst has a CD of 15 seconds and an Power Value of 60 in Genshin Affect 3.3.

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Wanderer Passives and Constellations in Genshin Affect 3.3

The next Wanderer Passives have been leaked from the Genshin Affect 3.3 beta:

Jade-Chained Flower – Scaramouche will get some buffs when his Elemental Ability impacts the next components:

  • Hydro: +20 cap to Sky-Dweller Factors
  • Pyro: +30% ATK
  • Cryo: +20% CRIT Charge
  • Electro: 0.6 Power from the Regular and Charged Assaults each 0.2 seconds

Gales of Reverie – Scaramouche has a 16% likelihood to get the Descent impact when hitting foes with Normala and Charged Assaults whereas affected by Windfavored. These odds improve by 12% every time a success does not activate Descent. The impact does the next:

  • The primary dash will not eat any Sky-Dweller factors
  • The primary dash removes Descent and sends 4 Wind Arrows that use 35% of Scaramouche’s ATK as Anemo DMG

Strum the Swirling Winds: 50% much less mora when Ascending Bows and Catalysts.

Here’s a abstract of Scaramouche’s Constellations that had been leaked from the Genshin Affect 3.3 beta:

  • C1: +10% Regular and Charged ATK SpD whereas he is within the Windfavored State. Arrows fired by his Gales of Reverie passive additionally deal harm based mostly on 15% of his ATK.
  • C2: Whereas within the Windfavored State, his Elemental Burst offers extra harm based mostly on 3% per level of the Sky-Dweller Factors used so far (most 150% additional harm).
  • C3: +3 Elemental Ability Degree.
  • C4: Buffed enhancements from the Jade-Claimed Flower passive when The Wanderer casts an Elemental Ability, in addition to a random buff.
  • C5: +3 Elemental Burst Degree.
  • C6: His Regular Assaults, whereas within the Windfavored State, do an additional 40% ATK as Anemo DMG and restore 4 Sky-Dweller Factors each 0.2 seconds (solely as much as 5 instances).
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These are the entire vital components from the newest Genshin Affect 3.3 leaks. How a lot will change between now and Scaramouche’s eventual launch date stays to be seen. The nice factor, nevertheless, is that Vacationers now have extra credible data than the beforehand posted imprecise textual content leaks.

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