Education ministers rely on attendance at schools and universities | free press


Lessons have already started in the first federal states, the next ones will follow shortly. Are the schools prepared to start again after the summer holidays?

Berlin (dpa) – The Permanent Conference (KMK) has clearly spoken out in favor of regular operation in schools after the summer holidays and personal studies at universities in the winter semester.

The needs of children and adolescents should be a top priority precisely because in the past they have had to miss out on many freedoms and opportunities for personal development, a resolution released Friday found. Given the advanced vaccination coverage and safe medical care, attendance at universities should also become the norm again, taking into account the respective local circumstances and circumstances.

“The conditions for face-to-face education are good and completely different from a year ago,” emphasized the KMK president and Brandenburg Education Minister Britta Ernst (SPD). “The school staff have received vaccination offers, tests and hygiene concepts are in place and have been tried and tested.” At the same time, children and young people have made an important contribution to the protection of adults in the past school year. “Now it is important that as many adults as possible show solidarity and are vaccinated. So that the students can have a normal daily school life.”

School closures should only be “considered as the very last option,” warned the coordinator of the SPD-led states, Hamburg school senator Ties Rabe (SPD). The coordinator of the Union-led countries, Hesse Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, Alexander Lorz (CDU), said: “With successful self-tests and rapid tests, vaccinated teachers and vaccinations for children from 12 years old, we have taken decisive steps towards a safe school environment.”

“After three digital semesters, we need to bring our students back to the universities and ensure their study is as normal as possible,” said Karin Prien (CDU), the vice president of KMK, Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Science. For most students, studying is a formative stage in life that involves friendships and personal development. “This inevitably involves personal learning, discussion and research.”

The Association of Education and Education (VBE) denied that all countries had prepared well for the start of the school. There is also no two-week post-summer safety phase with at least two tests per week and mask and distance requirements. “Sufficient and timely efforts have been made in the field of air filters and systems. Not to mention the nationally promised immediate measures for digitization”, explains chairman Udo Beckmann. “It is not enough to continue to rely on the principle of hope.”