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EA’s next FPS could well highlight this particular faction

Recently announced, but not yet, Electronic Arts’ next Star Wars FPS could be dedicated to a very powerful faction that worked during the clone wars.

5 years after Battlefield II

There is no doubt that Electronic Arts’ recent announcement of the development of three Star Wars games has fans in the galaxy far, far away in turmoil. Developed under the direction of Respawn Entertainment (already doing qualitative work on Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order), these three projects will differ in works from each other. A sequel to Fallen Order is in preparation, while the other two will focus on strategy and FPS respectively.

Therefore, the announcement of this future FPS is already the subject of the wildest speculation about its universe. First of all, we know that the project leader is none other than Peter Hirschmann, the man who worked on the first two Battlefronts in the 2000s, and thus we can give a first indication of the direction of the game Wars FPS, since Star Wars: Battlefront II was released in 2017, it might seem logical that 5 years later EA and Respawn want to offer a shooter again. Still, we know that Battlefront II had lootbox issues and seriously damaged the studio’s reputation and the Battlefield license. So be careful.

Well armed, overtrained, believable

However, the additions of content related to the Clone Wars in 2018 and 2019 were well received and helped reignite interest in the game, which has since been somewhat lost. We then imagine that EA wants to capitalize on this by offering an FPS entirely dedicated to this crucial time for the Republic. More specifically, the next shooter developed by Respawn to put the player in the shoes of the CRA troops or ARC Troopers (Advanced Reconnaissance Commando), the clone elite troops whose intensive training makes them versatile and skilled soldiers, who are ready for the riskiest missions. Forward Recon Commandos were first introduced in the 2003 Clone Wars microseries before returning in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. Forward Recon Commandos feature high-end gear, such as .

Faster and tougher than a clone trooper, the CRA trooper could thus embody a believable hypothesis as the main character. Since 2010 and the MMO Clone Wars Adventures, there hasn’t been a re-imagining of the clone wars as a whole from this vantage point. In 2005, another Star Wars FPS titled Star Wars: Republic Commando offered to embody the leader of the clones of Delta Squad, an elite commando unit and follow a squad in various missions during the war. The fan-acclaimed game shows that a first-person shooter focused on elite troops can be a success.

Surfing the clone wars

Also, the plot of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series might be interesting to use as a narrative framework. We therefore imagine our character fighting alongside famous characters such as Echo, Rex or even the Bad Batch, at the heart of unforgettable missions such as the passage on Ryloth, the defense of Kamino (attacked by the Separatists), the Jedi rescue mission Master Even Piell or the devastating consequences of Order 66 as the climax.

For your part, do you think the ARC Troopers could make good main characters to embody in the Clone Wars era? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.


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