Earth bunker discovered in forest – possibly RAF relic | Free press

A plastic barrel buried in a forest decades ago and now discovered may contain historically important material. Is it a legacy from the RAF?

Seevetal (dpa) – In a forest near Seevetal in Lower Saxony, the remains of the left-wing terrorist RAF may have been found in an earth pit.

A buried plastic barrel contained documents from the 1980s and containers with as yet unknown liquids, the Landelijke Recherche Niedersachsen (LKA) announced on Saturday. No weapons were found.

After an initial assessment of the written material, a reference to the RAF cannot be ruled out, it said. “The content suggests the earth deposit must have been built decades ago.”

Forest workers found the depot Friday afternoon while cutting down trees. A mobile laboratory team from the LKA Lower Saxony checked the contents of the barrel for hazardous substances. One thing is certain: the liquids do not pose a risk. But it is still unclear which liquids it is.

The LKA has not yet been able to provide any information about the documents found, such as the quantity or content. “It is evidence being taken to the forensic institute to secure evidence,” a spokeswoman said Saturday night. It is possible that DNA or fingerprints can still be detected. An extensive search for further depots has been carried out in the forest area around the site.

Due to the age of the found objects, it is currently believed that there will be no evidence of the whereabouts of wanted ex-RAF terrorists Ernst Volker Staub, Burkhard Garweg and Daniela Klette, the LKA said. You are also wanted for a series of twelve robberies from 1999 to 2016 – with a European search call from the LKA Lower Saxony. The authorities assume that the trio wanted to collect money for a life in illegality through robbery.

The Red Army faction (RAF) has fought violently against the “imperialist system” of the Federal Republic for more than 20 years. From 1971 to 1993, terrorists murdered 34 people, including representatives from business and politics such as federal prosecutor Siegfried Buback and employer president Hanns Martin Schleyer.

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