Dying Light 1 is all set to unveil the next patch for PS4 and PS5

There will be a new patch for Dying Light 1 that adds some new features to the Playstation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Later, Xbox players will get the same kind of upgrades.

Dying Light is getting a patch for PlayStation 5.

The patch, which is out now, adds three video modes to the PS5. The Performance mode wants to keep the frame rate at 60 fps while running at full HD (1080p) resolution and removing some graphical details. The Balanced mode, on the other hand, tries to get the same framerates on a QHD (1440p) screen as on an HD screen.

In the end, the Quality mode, which is a name change for the PS5’s Fidelity mode, can run at 30 fps on a 4K screen. This lets players see the decaying nature of Harran in all its glory, letting them experience it in all its glory.

Dying Light for PlayStation 4 Pro has a new patch.

On the PS4 Pro, it makes changes to optimization so that the game looks smoother when it’s set to run at 30 frames per second. The developers are also putting in a new networking system that uses the EOS system.

Several people on Twitter thought that the recently released sequel, Dying Light 2, was getting some new features. This caused a lot of confusion! Please keep in mind that this is a patch for Dying Light, so we’ll talk about Harran. “The Stay Human patch for Dying Light 2 is coming soon, so stay tuned,” they said in a tweet.

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It’s been reported that Dying Light 2 has a lot of bugs that could slow down the game or soft-lock the player from moving forward in the game. A lot of hotfixes have been released by the company over the first month to help with problems that people have been having with their phones and tablets.

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Dying Light (2015) tells the story of Kyle Crane, a GRE agent who is sent into the fictional city of Harran after a zombie outbreak. At the time of its release, the game was praised by critics for its unconventional approach to zombie games, which involved a lot of parkour. During the game, players could learn skills that let them slide, climb on top of buildings, dropkick zombies, and do a lot more in the sandbox.

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