Due to Misinformation: YouTube Scraps “Lateral Thinking” Channel | Free press


The controversial “lateral thinking” movement is also posting its protest against measures to contain the corona pandemic on the Internet. An important playback channel is now blocked.

Berlin (dpa) – The video platform Youtube has deleted the channel of the controversial group “lateral thinking 711”.

“Lateral thinking 711” was warned in a first step for uploading content that violated YouTube’s misinformation guidelines, a company spokesperson said. After that, the channel was initially blocked, so that the critics of the Corona state measures could no longer upload videos to the channel. “During this suspension, they tried to bypass enforcement by using a different channel, with the result that both channels were removed.” Lateral Thinking 711 recently had about 75,000 subscribers.

Movement is perceived

The “lateral thinking” initiative has its origins in Stuttgart, 711 stands for the telephone code for the capital Baden-Württemberg. Your supporters have been taking to the streets against state corona measures for months. The movement of “lateral thinking” in Stuttgart and other regions of Germany is now being observed by several offices for the protection of the constitution. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution observes the scene as a so-called collective object of observation, similar to Salafism. Secret Service resources can also be used for surveillance, and bank accounts and financial flows between the actors can be screened.

Lateral Thinking 711 spokesman Michael Ballweg denied that a blocked video was uploaded a second time on another channel. “There is no second channel.” He explained that in late 2020, with the support of a lawyer, they successfully fought against the removal of individual YouTube videos. “All lawsuits against YouTube against the arbitrary deletions have been successful so far.”

Evasive maneuvers

Lateral thinking 711 is now stepping up activities to create a European, decentralized alternative to YouTube, Ballweg announced. You rely on Peertube. This is software that you can use to operate platforms to self-publish videos and streams. The project advertises to be decentralized, free and transparent. But – similar to the Telegram courier service – extremists have found refuge there, previously removed from commercial platforms for violating guidelines.

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