Due to a racist valve from the director, the game suffers from Steam

While the movie Monster Hunter, directed by Paul WS Anderson, was previewing in China, the country has decided to ban the filming of the game on its soil following what is considered a racist line that has sparked controversy. A dubious joke that has been talked about a lot on social networks in China and around the world. Explanations.

A line that refers to a racist rhyme against Asians

And the racist connotation in question comes from a short scene in the film where we can see two American soldiers, one of whom is played by the Asian-born rapper MC Jin, exchanging a few words that seem harmless to us French, but the under have grown to enormous proportions for our Asian friends. And for good reason the Asian actor starts to his buddy: “Look at my knees. What kind of knees are they? Chinese”, which means in French: “Look at my knees. What kind of knees are they? Chinese”. If that doesn’t work in Molière’s language, the joke in Shakespeare’s is a play on words that rhymes with “Chinese” and “knee”.

And there, you tell yourself, but why did China decide to ban the film for a simple replica of this genre in all of its territory? Simply because this phrase refers to a racist rhyme addressed to Asians: “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at this” or “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at this”. The sentence was immediate and banned the film in Chinese theaters.

However, the translators tried to implement the dialogue in a different way. For the Chinese audience, subtitles offered the following line: “Men have gold under their knees and only kneel for heaven or their mother.” Granted, the translation is rough, but the translators preferred to use a phrase about human dignity. Apart from that some viewers saw the intention of the translators to cover up the joke, which was seen as an insult to the Americans against the Asians.

Monster Hunter: World Mass Bombing Review

The controversy doesn’t stop there as the Monster Hunter: World game acts as a collateral victim. At Steam, the title had to face a bomb campaign that consists of ascribing negative opinions online about a product. Within a few hours, players decided to end Capcom’s game with thousands of red thumbs.

Given the attack and controversy, the Japanese studio decided to acknowledge the controversy, stating that Capcom was not responsible by reaching out to the authorities of the companies responsible for filming the game.

The film should normally go into post production, but that’s just a rumor. Monster Hunter is expected in our theaters on April 22nd.

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