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Draft for Monday’s Corona Summit: Lockdown Should Continue Through April 18 | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Due to the surge in corona infections, a draft resolution from the Chancellery for the Bund-Laender round this Monday is based on an extension of the lockdown until April 18. In addition, the emergency braking scheme decided at the beginning of March must be implemented “consistently”.

The newspaper available to the German news agency from various sources on Sunday evening was dated March 21, 5:30 pm. The design also contains a passage that, due to the exponential growth, provides for further tightening (“additional measures”) for neighborhoods with more than 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week. The entire passage is enclosed in square brackets, meaning it should be negotiated as it is particularly controversial. Among other things, there is a nighttime exit restriction until 5:00 am, “unless there are serious reasons to the contrary”. The start time is left open here. In addition, schools and day-care centers have been closed or not opened at all, provided that educators, teachers and pupils or accompanied children cannot be tested twice a week. From an incidence of 200, schools and day-care centers could be closed.

In view of the coming Easter days, the draft says: “The federal and state governments continue to urgently call on all citizens to refrain from traveling in Germany and abroad that is not absolutely necessary”. And further: “The emergence of several Covid-19 variants and their worldwide distribution have shown that cross-border travel should be kept to the bare minimum.” This passage could refer to the currently particularly controversial travels of Germans to Mallorca.

According to the draft, it is still completely open whether there should be quarantine and testing requirements for all travelers from abroad in the future, regardless of the incidence there. This point is also enclosed in square brackets and is also subject to an “inspection reservation”.

The concept of a ‘contactless holiday’ in their home states, which the SPD states have raised, is still enclosed in square brackets and therefore requires further discussion. It includes the possibility of holidays in holiday homes or houses, apartments or mobile homes, provided they have their own sanitary facilities. You should also be able to organize your own meals.

In the context of temporary pilot projects, the federal states must also be able to test in a region with a low incidence how individual domains of public life can be reopened under strict conditions and with a test concept. “ Central conditions here are seamless negative test results such as access criteria, IT-supported processes for contact tracking and possibly also for test evidence, spatial demarcation at municipal level, close feedback to the GGD and clear termination criteria in the event of failure, “It continues.

Without “obvious mitigation measures”, the number of new infections in Germany will increase so quickly that an overload of the health system is “likely” as early as April, the draft emphasized. As progress in vaccinations has not been so great, the paper relies on “strict control of the infection process in the coming weeks.” This leads to an “earlier return to normalcy and shorter overall disabilities. It is therefore necessary for health, economic and social reasons. According to the draft, the federal and state governments will reconvene on April 12.


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