Dr. Disrespect knows the reasons for its ban and is suing the platform

In June 2020, Twitch announced Dr. Disrespect, one of its most influential streamers, was permanently banned. A permanent suspension, the reason for which has never been made public. Some time later, to the delight of his community, the videographer finally entered the world of streaming. And while the story seemed over, Dr. Disrespect just announced that it will sue Twitch after learning of its ban.

New twist in the Dr Disrespect vs. Twitch affair

Twitch and Dr. Disrespect, a story that will eventually take over the courts. Guy Beahm has not set foot on Twitch since returning to the top in August 2020. The videographer has never hidden his intention to sue Amazon’s streaming platform, which is just looking to evaluate all of its upstream options. And after months of silence on the matter, the Doc recently finally announced in full that he would be suing Twitch in court. The reasons ? The rationale for his permanent suspension.

Doc just said he knows why he got banned and is fucking suing Twitch … GOOD

Firm handshake boss pic.twitter.com/bLYoMQv2vk

23 August 2021

Although the public’s reason for his suspension is still unknown, it seems unfounded that Beahm is taking Twitch to court. The streamer would have known for months and prepared something in the shadows that looks like a salty counterattack. And for good reason, his previous contract should have ended in September 2021. A contract broken more than a year prematurely, which made it possible for Dr. Disrespect could make it possible to collect a sacred sum in damages.

However, if the two camps fail to find an amicable solution, it is now up to the judiciary to judge. Obviously, the next information will reach us about Beahm, who is more inclined than Twitch to comment on the case and its twists. Reaction in the coming months, the streamers seem closer than ever to struggling with the American platform.

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