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‘Don’t Look Up’ director set to make film about Capitol attack

‘Don’t Look Up’ director to produce film about Capitol attack

It will be the first project about what happened in Washington on January 6, 2021. “J6” is the working title.

The attack took place in 2021.

The first Hollywood film about the invasion of the Capitol is being prepared, which took place on January 6, 2021. The release date or the narration are not yet known. The project “J6”, as it is currently called, will be presented to studios and streaming platforms. It appears in the production with Adam McKay, the director and screenwriter of “Don’t Look Up,” the recent Netflix hit.

According to Deadline, Billy Ray will be in charge of writing and directing the film. Todd Schulman, Josh McLaughlin, Cullen Hoback and Shane Salerno are also part of the production. The aim is to take a journalistic approach to the story of the attack on the building.

“The aim is to present a vision of this important day. It’s going to be a film about protesters turned rioters and cops turned defenders of democracy,” Billy Ray told Deadline.

The director explained that he traveled to Washington days after the attack, where he interviewed several people, some of whom were trapped in the building. He also spoke to Cullen Hoback, who produced an HBO series Q: Into the Storm about the event.

“Billy’s journalistic approach will make it difficult for opportunistic politicians and pundits to rewrite history,” Cullen Hoback said of the work of Billy Ray and his team, which includes Adam McKay.


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