Does Kratos die in God of War Ragnarok? Ending explained

The ultimate chapter of God of Warfare Ragnarok, ‘The Realms at Warfare’ finally results in Ragnarok occurring. Although Odin claims he’s attempting to keep away from the last word destruction of Asgard, the titular occasion happens. Many concern that that is the top of Kratos and that maybe the story ends with the God of Warfare himself perishing throughout the battle.

What occurs after the battle to the All-Father in God of Warfare Ragnarok, although? Does Kratos survive, or does his blood need to be spilled in an effort to save the 9 Realms from the tyrannical grip of Odin? Learn on to be taught extra about this title.

Word: This text comprises movies and discussions in regards to the final moments of God of Warfare. This consists of the ultimate boss battle and credit score scroll.

Kratos marshals the armies of the 9 Realms in God of Warfare Ragnarok

It’s an actual “coming collectively” second, on the finish of the God of Warfare Ragnarok story. Kratos marshals the armies of the 9 Realms, who all teleport into Asgard and start laying siege to the place. Even Jormungandr makes an look! It’s a really epic second, the place Kratos and the others make peace and attempt to do proper all through the sport.

Nonetheless, Odin isn’t the one main battle throughout Ragnarok. Since Heimdall has already been thwarted, Thor reveals as much as attempt to defend Odin. Despite the fact that Odin berated and humiliated Thor in all the sport, he nonetheless confirmed as much as attempt to make a final stand in God of Warfare Ragnarok.


Thor’s last moments

Kratos didn’t want to kill Thor and tried to cause with the God all through the battle. In spite of everything, Atreus and Thrud, his daughter, are associates. Proper as Thor sees the sunshine and modifications his tune, he’s betrayed and slain by Odin.

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Freya and Kratos work collectively to battle Odin via a number of phases, the place he comes again repeatedly. Nonetheless, the God of Warfare overcomes the All-Father and all of his sneaky however highly effective tips.

With Odin defeated, he tried as soon as once more responsible all the pieces on Atreus and Kratos. Gaslighting the heroes, he claimed to solely wish to do good, and that not one of the evil issues Odin did have been his fault.


Odin and Atreus communicate one final time

Odin claimed he’d by no means cease attempting to find solutions – he needs to know what occurs subsequent and needs to cheat dying. With this information, Atreus had the resolve to steal Odin’s soul. Trapping it in a marble given to him by Angrboda, he would give the marble to Kratos.

Kratos determined it was Freya’s place, and he wouldn’t rob her of the possibility to slay Odin as soon as and for all. Although she would hesitate and provides the marble again to Atreus in God of Warfare Ragnarok, one character didn’t. Sindri, nonetheless enraged by Brok’s dying, smashed Odin’s marble with a hammer. His soul is now gone without end.

The All-Father won’t ever return after God of Warfare Ragnarok. The occasion requested what would come subsequent, and with authority, Sindri battered the marble in a single blow, solely to teleport away.


Surtr, in his new kind as “Ragnarok,” would lastly pierce Asgard together with his blade, and this might have simply killed all the group of remaining protagonists. Nonetheless, Freyr confirmed up on the absolute final second, holding off Ragnarok, in order that Freya and the others may flee. It was a heartbreaking scene nevertheless it was additionally uplifting. Freya’s flippant, conceited brother made a final, heroic stand.

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The top of God of Warfare Ragnarok

The digital camera focuses on Atreus once more, someplace inside the camp the place the remnants of Asgard and the sieging forces stay. Eir is the primary one Atreus sees, and he would undergo the camp, briefly speaking to everybody as he sought out his father.

Lastly, he will get to Angrboda and Fenrir, whose soul was saved in spite of everything. It was presently that Atreus, who can be Loki, determined that he had a extra vital job forward of him. Earlier in God of Warfare Ragnarok, Angrboda gave him a bag of marbles with the souls of Jotnar in them. He forsook the duty, letting Angrboda have them once more.


Atreus and Angrboda communicate in regards to the future

Atreus determined he wanted to do that and take accountability for his legacy and his folks. This implies goodbye to Kratos, however he doesn’t know the way to bid farewell to his father. Kratos and Atreus meet once more, and Angrboda leads them to 1 last mural of the Jotnar.

Whereas touring, a relatively heartwarming second is witnessed within the God of Warfare Ragnarok ending. Kratos promised to complete the story he advised Loki, whereas they have been getting ready for Ragnarok and he finally did. This additionally teases the post-game, the place Angrboda revealed items of Asgard have been scattered throughout the 9 Realms, and there’s doubtless Einherjar defending them.

The vital takeaway was the ultimate Jotnar mural. Upon opening it, it revealed their fates. Because it seems, Faye destroyed Loki’s shrine in Jotenheim, in order that he wouldn’t know his personal destiny. Kratos mentioned that they solid their very own path, due to Faye.


One final mural

Faye gave up all the pieces to guard Loki and Kratos. Atreus lastly confronted his father, informing him that there are different giants on the market, and he has to seek out them and free their souls. He takes accountability for his folks and makes it clear that he has to do it with out Kratos’ assist.

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Kratos requested if it frightened Atreus, and when he confirmed this, the God of Warfare said that that is the rationale his son should tackle this job alone. With a last, teary farewell, Kratos knowledgeable his son that he was able to exit on his personal.

He mentioned:

“Loki will go. Atreus … Atreus stays.”

The 2 parted methods after one last hug, proving that Kratos may break the chains of his previous and be taught from his errors. Kratos and Freya, alongside the pinnacle of Mimir, would stroll again down the trail to the others, whereas the credit rolled.

What may the longer term maintain?

Whereas the God of Warfare Ragnarok credit scroll, Freya and Kratos communicate with Mimir, discussing what they need to do subsequent. The 2 point out that there’s nonetheless a Valkyrie Queen lurking. They didn’t spot, nor battle Gna, the present Valkyrie Queen, throughout Ragnarok.


Discussing Gna

A Vanir goddess and one loyal to Asgard, Freya mentions that she wanted to be discovered, and located quickly. This might be the place the subsequent Norse God of Warfare sport goes, after God of Warfare Ragnarok. If there are to be extra adventures within the 9 Realms, Gna may unite the loyal forces of Odin and lead different gods towards Kratos.

Nonetheless, as of this writing, that’s merely post-God of Warfare Ragnarok hypothesis. Though an emotional rollercoaster, the sport noticed Kratos finally survive, alongside together with his son and family members.

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