Doctor Strange could be the key figure in the series

If you’re reading this article, it is sure to be because you touched on the first two episodes of WandaVision (if not, be careful, the article is full of loot). How can you not be in fact when the series available on Disney + mixes genres? After all, there is only one step between My Beloved Witch and Marvel. We invite you to come back to this weirdness that defines WandaVision and how it could all end: Thanks to Doctor Strange.

the first two episodes of Wandavision

Warning: this part contains loot related to the first two episodes of the WandaVision series.

The first two episodes of the WandaVision series had a touch of My Beloved Witch and took viewers by surprise. We then went back to the 10 details to remember this episode as the references were numerous.

One thing is certain: Wanda is stuck somewhere, in an alternate reality, or rather within the confines of her mind to go on an adventure and family life in the company of Vision. As “perfect” as Wanda’s imagination is, unfortunately it cannot last forever. Who will come and take them out of this false reality? We have a little idea on this question.

Doctor Strange in Wandavision?

We have known for some time that Phase 4 of the MCU will be unique with the introduction of the multiverse that is so much talked about. However, no film on the MCU’s plan is as mysterious as Doctor Strange. However, we already know that Wanda will be part of the script for the film and will even play a leading role.

Of course, this is not the only element that makes us think about the hypothetical role of Doctor Strange in WandaVision. Fans recently spotted a clue that is already widely debated on social media. To find out for yourself, we invite you to watch the following video (which concerns the backstage of the WandaVision production) and stop at about 1:36 a.m.

If you’ve seen the video, you must have seen this exact frame:

The silhouette we discover is very reminiscent of Stephen Strange wearing his cloak. So is it possible that he will come to save Wanda from the shackles of his spirit? This probability should not be overlooked.

Doctor Strange and Wanda in the Comics

Be careful, this part contains loot related to the Avengers: Disassembled Comics. If you don’t want to learn more about the topic, skip this part.

Doctor Strange and Wanda have a long history behind them if we can trust the comics. Wanda Maximoff is extremely powerful in the Marvel Universe, and we can see it in the comics, especially Avengers: Disassembled (Avengers: The Separation), a crossover in the Marvel Universe that was released in 2004 and that makes up ‘a major series in four parts. In this crossover, Wanda’s mind is controlled by the mind of Doctor Doom. The only person who manages to neutralize Wanda is Doctor Strange, who knows exactly how this magic works. Then he throws Wanda into a coma, which in the following scenarios (also after other events) leads to Wanda losing her ability to distort reality.

As we know, the MCU sometimes likes to draw elements from the comics, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the only character Wanda can bring back to reality is Doctor Strange. This would allow the two characters to bond one way or another and lay a foundation that would be found in the upcoming MCU movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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