Doctor Strange and Spider-Man team up in new, never-before-seen footage

Spider-Man: No Way Home is arguably the most anticipated Marvel Studios film of this year 2021. After the Loki series that kicked off the Multiverse for this Phase 4 of the MCU, Tom Holland’s Spidey will have to face a big problem that of his identity being revealed during the Far From Home post-credits scene.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s a bit of the best for the end (of the year) as the movie is slated for the month of December 2021. Therefore, you may have to wait a little longer before diving (again) in the middle of the multiverse, as there is almost no doubt about the presence of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in this third and possibly final episode of Spider-Man’s solo Adventures in the MCU there.

While little is known about the official synopsis, new official art images have been revealed, proving that Peter Parker will primarily work with Doctor Strange. It was thanks to some research on Amazon that these promotional illustrations showed up.

Doctor Strange and Introduced Spider-Man

Some are worth a look as they show the two protagonists flying through a portal with New York City in the background, like the one pictured below.

This image is basically the same as the first, but with a larger logo promoting the film and a slightly different perspective of the city in the background.

This time in the illustration alone, Doctor Strange stages himself with his fetish pose just before he utters a spell. The outline of the picture represents its mystical powers.

This picture clearly shows a preview of what the movie will look like. In addition to the renewed presence of the former surgeon, this time Spidey appears with his own bluish portal. But his new costume proves that he, too, was able to master magic with the help of a very special costume. We’re very far from the first version of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

A split image for an all-in-one, Spidey and Strange teamed up for a black and white illustration to make a head. In this picture, Parker appears to be wearing his upgraded costume instead of his brand new magical costume.

Hopefully the next trailer for the film will be out soon. While the film is slated to hit theaters in France in mid-December, Marvel Studios is keeping suspense over the appearances of former Marvel cult characters.

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