Doctor Brenner could be alive and aiming for eleven again


Stranger Things fans can’t wait to see season four of one of their favorite series. It must be said that the pandemic has fundamentally delayed the team’s schedule. Recently, Finn Wolfhard (who plays the role of Mike) even stated that with the cumulative delay last year, the fourth season of Stranger Things would not be released until the horizon of 2022. Until then, luckily, we can still analyze the final season four teaser that was revealed.

Season 4 of Stranger Things and the teaser “Eleven, are you listening to me?”

We suggested that you discover the final teaser from season 4 of Stranger Things in a previous article. If you missed it, find it below:

First thing to note: this teaser, unlike previous seasons and like the final season four teaser for Hopper, focuses on characters rather than the head. The series is therefore taking a new turn and this teaser shows us. The latter has also led to many theories about networks, and today we will try to highlight the most interesting ones. These theories are particularly reminiscent of the place that Dr. Brenner will take in the next season, and the memories of Elf.

a season 4 of flashbacks or news?

The recently published teaser shows us at first glance Elven’s childhood when she was in the hands of Dr. Martin Brenner was. It is possible that Elf finally remembered a repressed memory or that his powers now enable him to explore the past and additionally visit spiritually. This option is currently the most popular, and there are other options as well.

Indeed, this teaser is interesting in several ways, but most importantly because it allows for multiple readings and therefore allows us to consider different possibilities in relation to the Season 4 scenario. Initially, some internet users have found that the parts of “Dr. Brenner’s Hawkins Lab” looked much larger than what we saw from memories of 11 in particular. What if Dr. Brenner was still alive and replicating his laboratory elsewhere in the world?

Doctor Brenner’s return?

For this scenario to hold water, Dr. Brenner to be alive for the time being. How could that be possible? Technically, we thought the latter was dead at the end of season one, when the Demogorgon dragged into the pool of blood from Hawkins’ school followed the soldiers and then the Brenner. Nonetheless, the doubt remains: the latter could, for example, have been dragged into the upside down and are now working with those who got him out of this mess.

If it had been the Russians who got Brenner out of his head, Brenner could have rebuilt a laboratory identical to Hawkins’, but in Russia. This would explain the vision of Elf, who may have wanted to do research to help Hopper and who may have realized that Martin Brenner was still alive and continuing his horrific experiences.

In this case we can go even further: Martin Brenner could have set a trap for Elf by giving him clues about his actions so that Elf can investigate whether he is still alive or not. By showing Eleven his new experiences, Martin Brenner ensures that Eleven does not properly let other children suffer the same fate as her.

As a result, Eleven could go to Russia on a whim not only to help Hopper but also to help all of the burner’s new testers. The latter could then have planned something to hold her back once Elf got there. The phrase “Elf, are you listening to me?” could get a whole new meaning, Martin Brenner does not address her in memories of her childhood, but in reality to explain to her that he will continue his experiments and that as long as she does not intervene, all these little happy little ones will be around continued. A cause for concern for Elf!

What if Doctor Brenner works with the CIA?

If it were the Americans who had helped him, Brenner might very well work with the CIA now. With his previous experience, the Brenner could actually have been saved by the CIA, so that they can help the American government assert its hegemony over the Russians. It must be said that with the Russian threat in season 3, the noose is tightening. After the conquest of space, the conquest of the upside down takes place, and who better than Martin Brenner to direct research on the upside down? The CIA could therefore protect the Brenner and ensure that he continues his experiments on new subjects in order to turn him into people capable of conquering the upside down.

And you, on your side, what do you think? Is it the return of Dr. Brenner or just visions and memories of the past? We’ll let you answer our question in the comment section as well as through our survey! And if you want to keep the fun going, check out 11 most popular fan theories about the upcoming season of the show.