Dobrindt: Earn billions in UN refugee aid | free press

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt wants to prevent mistakes from being made again and therefore calls for more support for UN refugee aid.

Berlin (dpa) – CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt has spoken out in favor of multi-billion dollar financial support for UN refugee aid to accommodate refugees from Afghanistan in camps in neighboring countries.

“Not repeating the mistakes made in 2015 also means that we will give the UN refugee aid more support in combating the causes of flights on the ground,” he told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. “To do this, we need to make billions in pledges over the next few years,” he said, referring to the federal government.

The goal should be to fly out the German civilians and Afghan local staff. “But there can be no general acceptance of refugee contingents in Germany,” Dobrindt said. “We should not give the impression that we can solve the problems in Afghanistan in Germany. That would greatly increase the risk of people fleeing to Europe.” In 2015 and 2016, more than 1.1 million asylum seekers came to Germany, many from Syria, a country experiencing civil war.

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