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Do you remember that bizarre time when Tom Cruise dated Cher?

Do you remember that bizarre time when Tom Cruise dated Cher?

They met at Madonna’s wedding, and dyslexia brought the unlikely couple closer together. The story can be told in the singer’s new book.

Warren Beatty, Richie Sambora, Gene Simmons, Val Kilmer, Sonny Bono, Gregg Allman and Tom Cruise. What do these names have in common? Everyone had loving relationships with Cher throughout the singer’s life. Some were married, others only had casual relationships for a few weeks. And the most surprising case is that of Tom Cruise.

Cher has always been known for saying what she thinks and being real – and her public presence, whether on television programs, in interviews, or on social media, has been shaped by that very thing. In 2013 he had no problem saying on a talk show that Tom Cruise was one of his top 5 best lovers when he was asked the question. “What a list!” The host Andy Cohen exclaimed enthusiastically.

Many Cher fans, as well as Tom Cruise, were shocked at the revelation that the two were dating – despite the fact that it was already an old and more or less public story.

It all happened in the mid-1980s, when Cher was 38 years old and already had a respectable career in music and some notable film roles. and Tom Cruise was a young man of 23 who had just done Risky Business and was about to shine in Top Gun – Aces Indomáveis.

The two met in 1985 at Madonna and Sean Penn’s wedding. A few months later, they met again at a White House social event about dyslexia that they were invited to – both are dyslexic. There they made a bond that would turn into a romance.

The fall will have lasted a few weeks and without any major drama. From everything Cher has said about the situation over the years – without ever revealing any great details – she always praised Tom Cruise and had nothing but good things to say about him. He also revealed that he spent some time in Cruise’s apartment. Shortly thereafter, the actor married Mimi Rogers for the first time.

They were only together for a couple of weeks.

The problem is Cher, 74, is currently writing a memoir. The goal was to release it in 2020, but the singer hasn’t finished the work yet. And Cher, who is Cher, will approach your career and personal life in several details.

According to some international tabloids, Tom Cruise is wary of what Cher might reveal about the two – and he will have tried not to be a topic that is covered a lot in the book. The content of the book remains a mystery, however, not least because the singer has not yet publicly announced the specific topics she will address in this autobiography.

Cher had already published a book of this kind in 1998, entitled “The First Time”, in which he collected several memories, but always in case it was a “first time” in his life. At the time, it was well received because it was considered pretty real.


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