do you know your favorite saga well?


Time flies and Harry Potter fans remain. JK Rowling has managed to create a world so complete that die-hard fans of his saga continue to swear by it. Today we invite you to challenge yourself with a new high-level quiz that only the most absolute fans can pass.

Harry Potter fans continue to have major distractions

We recently told you that the Hogwarts Express can be discovered by all Harry Potter fans at Gare Saint-Lazare. For fans of the most famous magician of all time, there is no shortage of distractions and allows all lovers of the saga to meet and talk about their favorite moments, whether they come from the cinema or from the cinema.

Seeing the Hogwarts Express in real life is good, but even better to compete with other lovers of the saga. We therefore suggest that you try this new quiz of the day to have a flawless first try and challenge your friends so that you know which of you is the biggest fan of Harry Potter.

The new quiz for the greatest Harry Potter fans

Without further ado, we invite you to discover our new Harry Potter quiz where you either have a good memory or have recently seen the films (or read the books). We trust you, let’s go:

What did you get Let us know in our comment section so we can see how many great Harry Potter fans are hiding among you! And if you want to test yourself further, we recommend that you take our previous quiz on the Harry Potter universe, in which you have to recognize which films the scenes offered to you belong to.