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Do you know the story of this Tusken who became a Jedi Knight and then a Sith Lord?

For many, Star Wars is limited to the cinematic trilogies that have appeared on the big screen for several decades. But the universe presented by George Lucas goes well beyond these limits. There are plenty of books, novels, cartoons, and other comics out there to illustrate and share this expanded universe. A universe in which we particularly find a Tusken who became a Jedi Knight and then a Sith Lord. It is time for us to tell you its story.

If a tusk becomes a Jedi Knight, it is Sith Lord

Famous looters of the desert, the Tuskens, were particularly found in Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, a film in which a tribe of Tusken’s Anakin captures Skywalker’s mother and eventually kills her. The Tuskens are mysterious in their masks and long outfits and can be accompanied by races outside of the original. In this way, Sharad Hett, a Jedi Master who returned to Tatooine to see his family, is crowned a Tusken Warrior after joining a nomadic tribe. But it is not his story that is being told here, but that of his son: A’Sharad Hett.

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A’Sharad Hett was born from a connection between a human and a Tusken and, like his father before him, is a force-sensitive being. Problem: A’Sharad Hett will lose his father early. Sharad Hett, a former student of the Jedi master Eeth Koth, has not shown any signs of life to his former master in ages. Worried, he will send the famous Ki-Adi-Mundi to Tatooine to find him. The Tuskens raids are multiplying on the desert planet. Shortly after arriving on Tatooine, the rosy ski Jedi master is attacked by a Krayt dragon. a gigantic creature that appeared in the Mandalorian series, the skeleton of which can be seen in Star Wars IV.

Fortunately, Sharad and A’Sharad Hett come to his aid and manage to get rid of him. A short lived peace since bounty hunter Aurra Sing, hired by Gardulla la Hutt (the same one Anakin and her mother lost while betting with Watto) shot Sharad and kills him. In his final moments, the warrior Tusken will entrust his lightsaber to his son, whom he will train from Ki-Adi-Mundi. Tragic origins for a being who will quickly reveal its potential. During his training, he carried out missions on Malastare, an arid but temperate planet in parts of the Dustig sector.

Here he fought against Aurra Sing, his father’s murderer. Fight in which he couldn’t get to the dark side of the force. After this disturbing event, he wanted to finish his education quickly before going into exile, like his father before him. But instead of letting him go alone, An’ya Kuro, known as the Dark Woman, volunteered to keep training him. A nickname that is not trivial as its teaching methods were brutal and rubbed shoulders with the dark side of the force. A’Sharad Hett held on and finished his training as a Jedi Knight before taking a padawan.

A’Sharad Hett also took part in the Clone Wars. As a Jedi general, he fought mostly with Anakin, with whom he even befriended. When the Great Jedi Purge took place, Hett was one of the few survivors. He decided to return to Tatooine to fight the Empire there as a Tusken warrior. There he also faced an Obi-Wan Kenobi who feared corrupting a young Luke Skywalker. A’Sharad Hett then decided to flee his home planet. After a long journey, he enters Korriban, a planet of the Sith worlds, where he discovered the holocron of XoXaan, the commander of the black legions and member of the Twelve Dark Jedi.

XoXaan then became his master and introduced him to the dark side of the force. A’Sharad Hett eventually becomes Dark Krayt. He will then begin a new Sith order, including the recruitment of several force-sensitive beings. He will even manage to convince a Sister of the Night and several dark Jedi. A’Sharad Hett was born on Tatooine to a Tusken tribe, of which he was a warrior. Finally he went through the Jedi doctrine, the order of which he became master, before finally sinking into the dark side of the Force, Dark Krayt.


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